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  1. Got my skiller perm banned running this about 8-6h a day at 88 Farming from 70, while i did farming runs between 1:15h to 3 hours, no overnight botting without me watching it operate. While i'm completely fine with the ban, i overdid it a bit anyway, since i wanted to reach 99 asap, but i have some feedback too. Can you add at least some type of camera rotation to the script? For me, it did absolutely nothing in that regard. The camera was always 100% pointed in the same direction. Also it forgot to refill the can twice of what i observed, despite having the option ticked. (The point purchasable watering can.) Also, the account was completely new, having 75 thieving 70 agility and 70 farming which i did on it by hand before i started the 70 - 99 farming run.
  2. Soo, you'd reckon i just should buy one of the current premium combat scripts and just bring an inv full of potions with me?
  3. I did monks until 50. The xp is absolute trash. I'm looking for that 2-5k xp/h boost with pots + gulls, since gulls have less defences afaik, but i need to switch target once one dies. And splashing gives magic xp, no? I want only the def/hp xp. EDIT: I'm dumb, but i'm leaving my comment up anyway. A splash script for melee, didn't think of that.
  4. *Can't edit my post anymore, but a pause between gull's would be cool too, like 1-2 seconds max every 5-10 seagulls, randoming between the 5-10.
  5. Ah, sweet. I'll need to check them out. Forgot to mention about antibans though, i was thinking along the lines of taking the cursor off screen after attacking a seagull until it dies, but i assume they are not that complex. I'd be willing to pay anywhere from 1 to 3€ a month for a working, antiban included seagull killer with banking.
  6. At one point in time i guess a Rev bot would be a completely viable option, but as of right now, the cave is waay too packed to make it in any shape or form profitable with a script. I mean, i don't even know the first thing about coding, but that just came as common sense. Also on the Green dragons bots, they are essentially pretty dead content by now, and it's easy to kill them without losing that much on death/not losing anything at all.
  7. I'm not sure if there is already a script which does this, since i don't have VIP and can't test combat scripts, but i need a script to kill seagulls at Port sarim, which also banks at Draynor for combat/super combat pots. Edit: and yes, i'm asking for a script for the most afk thing in the game.
  8. Just bought and ran for a couple hours while doing my herb patches every 1h 15min. Seems good, i'll test it more tomorrow.
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