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  1. Hi, Up until today I have been able to run TexanNightmareZone Pro without being a VIP member. Today whenever I click 'start script' I get prompted to purchase VIP. I can't do this because I have no way of paying for it. Why can I no longer run it? Cheers
  2. ^^ Same, it looks like it loads properly but the GUI never appears.
  3. Same issue.
  4. Seems to be an issue with trading the boosters atm (maybe because of the update) - still working fine if you get it into a dream before starting the bot. Any eta on fix?
  5. The re-release has the freeze issue again. Awaiting a fix :$
  6. Yep me too - glad its just not me and hopefully they have it fixed soon
  7. I just bought this script and it doesnt work... It runs for about 1-5 mins before freezing up completely. I have re-downloaded, flushed, restarted and still the problem persists... Help please?