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  1. Do not like this new mouse input policy, it was fine the way it was. It is just a hassle to regain control of my bot now.
  2. Fast Typing is still broken and I don't know why the mouse movements have been lowered. They were fine how they were, this is realllllly slow now.
  3. Please look into this. It just stands there and keeps typing the question, it doesn't accept the trades anymore. If I manually accept the trade the rest of it works but then once it gets to the point of accepting the trades again it stops. This happens on occasion, sometimes it will work perfectly fine, sometimes it ends up like this. I can't keep having this happen overnight.
  4. You broke clicking alignment, all bots have clicking errors now.
  5. Script completely broken as of now. After inviting the user to the dream and you're inside it. It missclicks the exit potion about 50% of the time. When it missclicks it, it will die and this will show up You will then be sitting there waiting until you logout. Another error I'm currently having is when I'm using the selling games portion of the script, it looks for potions in my bank and gets stuck (doesn't go back to NMZ area). Please look into these errors ASAP! Thanks in advance
  6. Script doesn't run past 6 hours. Get's stuck on the red login button that you have to click. Please fix this asap so I can run it overnight!
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