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  1. Duhstin


    I'd look into using another one as I don't use TRiBot anymore so I don't got VIP to test it and fix it.
  2. Duhstin


    That would be an issue with Dax's walker.
  3. Duhstin


    You can create one, you're more likely to keep it updated. I'll delete mine from repository. Just let me know when you've finished it.
  4. Duhstin


    I can fix the static tile if you'd like.
  5. Duhstin


    Working fine then?
  6. Duhstin


    Go for it, I don't think I have the source anymore and cba to look for it. I don't use Tribot at the moment. If I find it, I'll update it though. EDIT: Found source, should work now.
  7. Duhstin

    Bot Supplier & Mule [Free Add-On]

    Or use a database, and a table that is created for each user tribot user account that runs the script, then adds currently logged in accounts using the script and updates every X minutes and use salted md5. Then when checking to see if a trading user is within the database, salt/md5 that user and see if it exists within that users table in the database so nothing is saved in plain text. Pretty much how my farm works, except I don't bother using salted md5 and stuff since it's all on localhost.
  8. Duhstin

    ExTutorial - Tutorial solver [ABCL 10] [ACCOUNT CREATOR]

    An account lock is the result of using different IPs, however a ban right off tutorial island has been happening to a lot of people lately.
  9. Duhstin

    Cant use bot, insta banning

    Yep, same for me till I switched clients. Still using same proxies without issues.
  10. Duhstin

    Cant use bot, insta banning

    Has been happening for about two weeks. Reason I've not renewed my VIP here. I have converted all my scripts to another clients API and I've not had that issue since and I'm still using the same proxies. It's odd, I know and it sucks because with TRiBot I can run a 3:1 ratio of bots because it uses the least amount of resources.
  11. Duhstin

    Inconsistent CPU usage

    Use paint delay if some FPS drops won't hurt you.
  12. Nice, I'm sure a few people will find this useful since they won't add a real CLI to TRiBot. ><
  13. Duhstin

    Problem with proxifier

    I use residential for tutorial island, then use the Blazing proxies afterwards.
  14. Duhstin

    Problem with proxifier

    Will you get locks even if you bought a dedicated one through blazing? If that's the question, then 99% chance you'll get locks if you run the account through tutorial island on that IP. Most of their IPs are flagged, if you find one that isn't flagged, I'd be shocked. I run all my accounts on tutorial island on an IP that isn't flagged, then when they complete tutorial island it closes that client, then start back up on the flagged IP address AFTER tutorial island.