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  1. Ban waved

    3-4AM EST for me.
  2. Proxy or IP reset?

    Go into your router and find an option to clone mac address. Change a character in it, then reboot modem and router. IP will change.
  3. TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    Ah, didn't notice. I've always used AHK, no extra software beside itself needed for what I do.
  4. TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    Nothing, but you can't minimize windows as far as I know with .bat.
  5. TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    Don't use .bat extensions. Install AHK and call the starter java file in it. Of course, use whatever parameters he uses for arguments in his. This will minimize all current windows, but there may be an AHK way to minimize windows with specific titles or something.
  6. TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    I agree with that.
  7. Account Creator

    It's only because they changed the page for the account creation page. Fixed my farm script within a few minutes.
  8. Anything when you're running 75+ bot farm and it's fully automated.
  9. Bans within 15-30 minutes. 18-24 Hours, I run a suicide f2p farm. I run 10-15 accounts per proxy once they've went through tutorial island on a clean proxy.
  10. I use flagged proxies all day. Only use clean ones for tutorial island.
  11. Jagex didn't ban me they deleted my account.. why?

    I've had this happen to me once before. Still am unable to login to the account, yet I can do the recover account and it'll get approved but still can't login with new password.
  12. Any working method to autoaccept firewall?

    No need for PixelSearch. Use IfWindowExists, then select auto allow. Wont ask no more on that IP.
  13. Auto-Accept Firewall

    AHK Can do this.
  14. Disabling antiban

    File > Settings > Uncheck Dismiss randoms