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  1. Looting over X value isn't working for me. Don't wanna add "Coins" to loot list and it run around looting everybody GP drops.
  2. Unable to use the PayPal option, keeps telling me something went wrong. The pop up window shows, but it never loads anything. Tried three different browsers. Wish RSGP method was back.
  3. Then why in the hell post a topic when he said you'll get it at some point today?
  4. Read his tweet.. "Some point today"
  5. No problem.
  6. Login#getLoginResponse()
  7. What stats you need? I got a few accounts I could make members.
  8. No, and it's not even worth verifying it.
  9. Na, I don't think BitCoin mining would be as profitable as RS unless you spends LOADS of money up front tbh.
  10. Good luck mate.
  11. How many bitCoins you reckon that'll get per month?
  12. Creation on one IP, and logging in from another can get them locked pretty quick now.
  13. Same thing was happening to me past two days, and I hope to god you're not using one proxy per account if suicide botting f2p. I myself run a f2p farm as well, 60 accounts.. It's a pain when they get locked. Seems to have calmed down since last night though. Woke up, and all my accounts are still running.