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  1. 2 days ban

    Cheat codes, duh.
  2. dWalker

    This is due to max API calls for walker.
  3. This, but more than 1 p/s.
  4. dWalker

    Not really, was intended for just common places. If you want I can add places though.
  5. It's due to free api.
  6. dWalker

    Na it's working. Upload didn't go through.
  7. dWalker

    Try it, should work now.
  8. Reachable.java is the exact line, y'all can remove it. Yes @WYD, that is why.
  9. Can desktop PC's run 50+ bots at once ?

    Signature, I run 75-80 bots on it. I paid $425 or $450 for parts I used though I think prices have gone up a bit. I'd suggest more RAM though. I find myself at 95% usage a lot.
  10. Two GrandExchange IDs have changed as well. Had to update them with USA's API. Luckily, I can still bot magic via alching/ge restocking still.
  11. I'd say so, only reason I ever do this quest myself.
  12. Question: Mage only mode, Does it hide or just tank with prayers?
  13. Botting on the same ip as my main safe?

    Flagged proxies are only bad for tutorial island it seems. Stop asking for advice if you're not gonna take the advice people give you.
  14. Botting on the same ip as my main safe?

    VIP is also needed for using a proxy unless you use like Proxifier or ProxyCap. I'd suggest VIP though.