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  1. Thought everyone knew this, I partially had it automated using PHP/Mail Piping/SQL database, but only worked half the time. No longer use proxies for tutorial island so I never receive locks, so I don't really need it so I stopped messing with it.
  2. WTB Automated Air orbing script

    No need to bump your topic so often. Forums aren't that active. ;/
  3. f2p! easy script!

    You're looking at a lot, you're wanting a FULLY automated script.
  4. Mass Account Creation Help

    Different method. I don't need a captcha service.
  5. RSGP Massive Crashing?

    No they don't, you can tell them you'd prefer to trade them.
  6. TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    Open Tribot, and make sure login details are set. Session might've expired.
  7. Still unable to get it to work properly at sand crabs. If someone uses this for sand crabs, without attacking. Can you please show me settings? It clicks a sandcrab after eating which isn't "afk" like.
  8. RSGP Massive Crashing?

    Site I sell to is buying for that.
  9. RSGP Massive Crashing?

    RS 07 = Paypal : 0.83$/M (USD) It's went up 0.03 in two days since I last sold.
  10. Mass Account Creation Help

    I don't use 2captcha for creation. <3