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  1. I'm using it for alching right now, works great.
  2. Yep. Was all done on a 50 attack, 13 def (for slayer helm & addy gloves) account using melee mainly, and started using BP after 99 strength. Cannon all tasks, and prayed majority of them when using melee.
  3. Tri AIO Combat does this. Great script. I've got over 92 slayer with it so far.
  4. I prefer having physical access. I spent $477 on hardware minus an HDD (Had spare). I got two Intel Xeon E5-2670's, a standard ATX motherboard (Z9PA-D8) that supported dual CPUs, two Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVOs for CPU cooling, and 32GB RAM. A decent 550w PSU. I run 60+ Bots with no issues, and I'm only sitting at 45-55% cpu usage with that many running. If you can find an old Dual 1366 socket w/ dual x5650's cpus this will work great as well.
  5. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Intel-XEON-E5-2670-2-6-GHz-20-MB-8-Core-CPU-Processor-SR0H8-115W-100-Tested-/162293756052?hash=item25c9763094:g:YmQAAOSw5cNYNnzO
  6. @Tri; I know a lot of people wanted the option for when safe spotting to click back in the safe spot without using mini map. Is there anyway to add the feature to pick which option you want? I find it mis clicks a lot and I constantly take a lot of damage due to it. Especially when using a cannon. I never had problems with mini-map clicking.
  7. Listen to @godspower33, he knows what he is talking about. We've both been through this problem way to many times.
  8. It just depends. Xeons are made for 24/7 use. You can get a 8 core, 16 thread for $70. These aren't good for gaming, but are for multi-tasking like botting.