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Everything posted by omghaha9798

  1. Got permed using this last night. Probably wasn't this scripts fault but it was acting weirdly buggy yesterday. Damn.
  2. I love this script. It works, you just need to have the required items. =]
  3. Chaos rune altar doesn't work, after it turns the essence into chaos runes it clicks somewhere far off and it gets stuck right here. Plus it deposits the chaos talisman when it's at the bank and just stands there\...
  4. Mysterious man doesn't work. It didn't even detect it!
  5. The random guy kept attacking me with a crossbow... I forgot which one it was, but tribot didn't even detect it was getting attacked! I saw it and talked to him myself...
  6. Drill demon works? I hope to god. I'll check it out when I get stuck.
  7. Oh yeah and on the Molly random when it finished putting the evil twin in the cage, it didn't register that it put her in the cage or something and kept trying to click the crane machine...
  8. I have always wondered this too. The TRiBot Loader automatically keeps everything up-to-date. Thank you sir.
  9. omghaha9798

    jFletcher v1.2

    Here is a proggy of stringing yew longbows in Pest Control overnight:
  10. While browsing various premium scripts I've noticed your posts on multiple threads expressing your opinion that anyone who pays x amount of "squid" for x premium script is an "idiot" or "stupid". I believe I can speak for the majority tribot users and tell you to drink a nice, tall glass of shut the fuck up. lol'd irl.
  11. Do the randoms automatically update on the client? Or do you keep having to download the .jar from the site for the updated randoms?
  12. On the falconry rework you should add it asking the guy to find the falcon again. I woke up and it was standing there without a falcon trying to click the kebbits.
  13. dont know, its my second 100+ hour proggy on this account. mine is not getting flagged for some reason How much profit in mils have you made over your whole usage? lol.
  14. Could I try a small amount of time auth so I can test it? I've been looking for one of these...
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