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  1. Had 3 bots running this, 1 got perm banned and the other two are running fine. Can't see any flaws about this, nice job.
  2. When I run the script, it says that it's 'Downloading script 'Encoded Chopper' and nothing happens. Been like that for a solid 10 minutes now.
  3. I personally wouldn't be doing that on all 5 accounts at the same time, on the same IP. Maybe try running like 2, just to be safe. I'd say 3+ needs a VPN or a different IP to the others.
  4. Last location before getting banned?: Lumbridge Cows Skill botted?: Combat Breaks or no? Yes If so how long?: 2 Hours with 10 minute breaks How long did you bot per day?: 5 hours Banned before?: On another account for two days Type of ban?: Perm - Macroing Major VPS/VPN/Proxy?: No Scripts Used? CowhideKiller Other Bots Used?: No How many bots at a time were being run?: 4 Date banned?: 05/06/14 Fresh account/Days acc used?: 1/2 Days
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