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  1. The API has been public on my Github which is linked above since i've made this thread
  2. Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been quite busy lately and will to push a new release ASAP
  3. Suggestions: I would avoid writing all of this in one script as mentioned above. Also when checking booleans, you can just do this instead. if (hasClickedJugOfWater == false) => if (!hasClickingJugOfWater) // false if (hasClickedJugOfWater == true) => if (hasClickedJugOfWater) // true Also, when you are accessing an index in array, make sure you check that it's not out of bounds. Also avoid capitalizing names unless they are classes. grapes = Inventory.find("Grapes"); if (grapes.length > 0) { grapes[0].click(); } Make sure when you are accessing values you check they are not null first (interfaces) Keep doing Your naming conventions are very detailed and make the code easier to read. Great job! You are pulling out logic into functions that do specific tasks. You can improve this by making functions do only one specific thing!
  4. @RicardoC8 Could you please post the console or a snippet of the bot running?
  5. Per request: will be adding a high efficiency option to disregard antiban reactions and make more planks per hour. This will be out by this weekend
  6. This is default built into the client
  7. Release 2.15 Features: CLI Arguments have now been implemented. Check front thread post for usage. Bug fixes Fixed an issue with not detecting "Staff of air" Fixed an issue where the script continuously opens bank when out of money Enjoy
  8. The script should end if you run out of gp. The reason why it only gets 4k is because of antiban reaction times. I can add a feature in the future to ignore this and go for maximum efficiency over antiban
  9. It's because it's looking for keyword "staff" and Staff of air has a capital S. Will push fix for this
  10. 1. Snippets: Duel Arena API While making one my own personal scripts I created a duel arena API and made it publicly available for others to use. [SOURCE] 2. Tutorials I have not written any tutorials simply because I can not think of a topic that could provide real value and already hasn't been covered. However, I will continue to think about topics I could share with the community and fellow developers. 3. Scripts [SOURCE] [SOURCE] [SOURCE] 4. Short Biography / Coding Experience I have been programming for about 7 years now. I graduated University with a Computer Engineering degree but fell in love with writing software. Since then I have been employed as a Software Engineer contributing to Web Frameworks & Architectures and Embedded Systems. I decided to pursue a software related career instead of hardware after finding Tribot in my early university days and writing scripts for fun. 5. Why I feel like I deserve Scripter. Since I have been active on Tribot since 2013, I have been constantly writing scripts and my code quality has grown immensely, while being an active member of this community for so long. I am very familiar and comfortable with the Tribot API and feel like my scripts are of the caliber. Learning from other scripters, I have been able to identify design patterns and SOLID principles in other's source code and use those techniques to my own benefit. With all the support given from other developers, I want to set example and teach new members or existing developers how to write scripts in hopes they will do the same in the future. 6. What do I plan on providing the community with? I plan to produce high quality scripts that will attract users to our great community and provide real value to the existing ones. As stated above, I also plan on leading by example and teaching new and existing users techniques of writing scripts in hopes they will do the same. I am always open and will continue to be for helping others with their scripts and the Tribot API. 7. Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community? Yes
  11. boe123


    Description: A simple script that will start rune mysteries if not completed and collect air talismans. The description pretty much says it all You can download it here
  12. Those are both covered and generated by the antiban so it's up to antiban to decide.
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