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  1. Due to the current limitations of the API I'm not able to get the efficiency I would like for this script to work properly. For that reason I have not chosen to release it
  2. Hello Everyone, I'm currently working on a Temple Trekking script and would like to see how many people would be interested If I released a beta to the public. I have yet to see a script for this minigame anywhere. Current Supported Features Easy / Medium / Hard Escorts Easy / Medium / Hard Routes Handles all Trekking events A* Bog traversal Algorithm (optional) ABC2 Support Work In Progress Customizable Rewards Selection Customizable Teleportation methods GUI Automatic Druid Pouch Filling for Ghast events
  3. Will take a look at the script tomorrow and have it fixed!
  4. Release 2.01 Lag within script has been fixed
  5. Release 2.0 The script has been completely reworked within the code base to make updates to be posted more often on this script. Changelog: The script now correctly displays profit/h instead of planks / hour based on current GE Prices The script has now increased Anti ban Upon script start, the script will now toggle "Attack other players" option to Hidden and disabled Accept Aid The script now call's butler properly after interface change Todo: Add random world hopping to different PVP worlds Set Private to off on script start up Add a GUI for custom anti ban Grand Exchange Support Add Rimmington Store Support for non-pvp worlds
  6. good afternoon friend still works the bot?

  7. This is a script issue, look at what was even changed. Also if you have an issue, post in the script forum, not in updates. Great Update
  8. This is a common issue with RuneLite at the moment that will hopefully get fixed soon. Just close RuneLite and only interact with the Tribot client
  9. Are you using Looking Glass? If so, what client?
  10. Tribot only supports up to Java 8 at the moment
  11. I would try to learn the fundamentals of Java since, in all, it is the scripting language for Tribot. If you want to challenge yourself and go a step further, I'd recommend learning Algorithms & Data structures (Applies to all languages)
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