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  1. boe123

    Game crashes when pressing any keys

    This is a common issue with RuneLite at the moment that will hopefully get fixed soon. Just close RuneLite and only interact with the Tribot client
  2. boe123

    TRiBot Release 10.13_0

    Great Update
  3. boe123

    FPS drops when running scripts on my server

    Are you using Looking Glass? If so, what client?
  4. boe123

    RSObject issues

    Tribot only supports up to Java 8 at the moment
  5. boe123

    Where should I start?

    I would try to learn the fundamentals of Java since, in all, it is the scripting language for Tribot. If you want to challenge yourself and go a step further, I'd recommend learning Algorithms & Data structures (Applies to all languages)
  6. boe123

    happy birthday to myself

    Happy birthday man
  7. boe123

    Boe123's PuroJars [Open Source] [200-600k/h]

  8. Not sure Don't worry my friend I am working on it. I can release the script now as it is (fixed) but I have big thing's i'm working on to make this script amazing. Here are just a few things: - Higher Antiban (World Hopping, Custom Antiban since this method is botted heavily) - Sexy new GUI - Auto Grand Exchange Support - Break Handling
  9. Release 2.0 Coming soon. This include a COMPLETE REWRITE of the script to make the script more efficient but heavily increase the antiban within the script. Stay Tuned
  10. good night ... friend .... this script ..... gets stuck with the servant .... could you review .... please .... I have 4 friends .... who want to pay the Membership .....

  11. boe123


    I see a lot of people are commenting on NewBotter's Chinning script, asking for an update but no response. Look no further. I am working on a chinning script that supports - Spreading skeletons via bones - Multiple training spots - Smart prayer restoration (ABC2 & Potion tracker) - Attacking ideal skeleton for maximum xp
  12. Update: Version 1.50 - Changed Antiban - Fixed Interface NOW OPEN SOURCE
  13. boe123

    Tribot Down [Thursday, May 31st]

    I'm having this exact issue as well
  14. boe123

    Trying to make vorkath script.

    If anything else, you could use the Acamera class provided by Final Calibur It provides an Async camera which can be used to Dynamic click as well as rotate the camera