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  1. good night brother ..... you can check the script ...... POHplanker .... has errors .... since the last update of 04/12/2017

  2. boe123

    How do I equip items?

    Not exactly, you are not using the Inventory.find method correctly. That will return an object of the id if it exists. Clicking.click(Inventory.find(item[0].getID()) will attempt to click on object of an array you already specified the id's in and you are already using the getID method. This can work only if Inventory.find always returns something. // Equip item public static void equipGlory() { RSItem[] glory = Inventory.find(gloryID); // We want to look in inventory for all items with gloryID if (glory.length > 0) { // We want to check the glory array to see if we have found any items of gloryID if (Clicking.click("Equip", glory[0])) { // We want to click the first element found matching gloryID Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { General.sleep(100, 200); return Equipment.isEquipped(gloryID); } }, General.random(1500, 2500)); } } } I've given a better description on this code so it might help
  3. boe123

    How do I equip items?

    So let's find it doesn't find any items in your inventory of that id. It will return NULL and have no idea what to click which will throw an error and break the script. When dealing with objects, it is best to search for the object first. RSITEM[] item = Inventory.find(id) Then check if an item is found and it's not NULL if (item.length >0 (We found something)) Then you know for sure the item was found and you can use it Clicking.click("Equip", item);
  4. boe123

    How do I equip items?

    Actually that will not work, it will return a out of index error when you check the inventory. You will want to do that outside of the method
  5. boe123

    How do I equip items?

    // Equip item public static void equipGlory(int id) { RSItem[] glory = Inventory.find(id); if (glory.length > 0) { if (Clicking.click("Equip", glory[0])) { Antiban.waitItemInteractionDelay(); Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { General.sleep(100, 200); return Utils.isEquipped(id); } }, General.random(1500, 2500)); } } } //Check if items are equipped public static boolean isEquipped(int id) { return Equipment.isEquipped(id); }
  6. The script keeps breaking because jagex add new interfaces to the game. This is impossible to prevent and happens whenever there is a POH update.
  7. Yeah I would look into safe botting practices. This method is heavily botted and on jagex's radar.
  8. You can use either runes or dust battlestaff
  9. Update 1.47 -Fixed interface bug due to current update Happy Botting!
  10. I found the issue, I miscalculated how many items you need to use just runes. It should be 4 I believe, 1 law 1 air 1 earth and cash. I have fixed this in my next update today
  11. Would you mind posting your current setup? Make sure you start near the chest.
  12. boe123

    Boe123's Demonic Gorillas

    Yeah i've been busy my job and school. It's hard to have any free time especially wanted to code when thats all I do for school and projects 24/7
  13. Update Patch 1.46 -Fixed interface issue that has caused the script to crash. -Added extra ABC2 implementation to enhance the script. -Added a new paint background to the script: Happy Botting!
  14. boe123

    Boe123's Demonic Gorillas

    I've been working on it buts its not something i'm willing to release until it is 100% finished with all the features i'm providing. When I do release it, I want to to be flawless. Some of the parts i'm trying to implement take my a while and a lot of frustration.
  15. I am taking a look into the script when I get home tonight! The script should be fixed by tomorrow morning