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  1. not ultimate ironman, its just that i wont give away my bank pin so you will have to use a mule bro
  2. i need some quests dont for osrs, you got to make the quests without my bank, so you will need a mule. 7 quests needed, paying in osrs gp, send a pm with skype or comment below The digsite The gigant dwarf The lost tribe Death to the dorgenshuun Recruitment drive Wanted Another slice of ham
  3. so i need help with creating a guthans host, i offer osrs gp in payment already got some skills on the acc, 42 minning 15 agility 35 crafting 36 wc whats needed is 35 rc and the quests vampire slayer rune mysteries lost city what lies below tree gnome village haunted mine priest of peril already got quest items on account and some cash for other supplies needed we will use a trusted mm post your skype below or send me a pm and we will discuss more
  4. so i need help with creating a guthans host, i offer osrs gp in payment already got some skills on the acc, 42 minning 15 agility 35 crafting 36 wc
  5. @PrideOfChampions yes, 2gp / xp. trying to start a cheap and good business, plus i can do multiple accounts, so for me 2gp / xp is fine
  6. i will train you account in nmz, with dharoks, i got my own host so the games will be free, you can remove stuff from bank and just leave armour if you like that, training with dharoks can grant up to 100k xp / hour and my charges are very cheap, 2gp / xp, so if youd like 100k xp, that would be 200k, you tell me what level you want me to get and i will calc the xp, and we will come upp with a price, we can use any middleman you want as long as hes trusted and got rep send a pm for my skype so we can talk more,
  7. the questing shoul be about 3 - 4m and skills about 3m, there is a guy selling host(you create the acc) for 7.5m
  8. im buying cs go skins, all cheap junk skins, and all kind of cases only buying keys to the cases i have, post steam name and we will talk more,
  9. i would love to se, that you could type in your accunts usernames for free games, so if you dont want to bot on you main you will still get free games without having to pause the bot and invite. free games for friends, thanks for the script, just started using it but so far so good
  10. you have both been added, best price will get the job, and im creating the accounts right now
  11. hi, need some one to train a nmz booster for me i will make acc with member fresh out of tutorial island, and this has to be made without botting, i need 5 quest done on account i dont care about the stats, just make sure theese quests are done and no other quests 1 account with lost city tree gnome village fight arena vampire slayer mountain daughter and 1 with lost city fight arena haunted mine what lies below vampire slayer we will use a trusted mm from this site, how long it would take for you, and how much you would like to get paid, i will pay in osrs gp, or rs3 gp i could also pay in tribot credits thanks
  12. already got vip, n 2 accs p2p.. tho im only making 500 - 1m / hour, i know its god, but how can i improve, that was what i was wondering, like should i have 10 fishing bots running? or 10 acc choping yew trees
  13. so lets say you would make a new acc, no skills at all. and just use it for money making with botting, what is the best way to make money with it? fishing? wc? killing cows, etc etc.. multiple boting? f2p, p2p, more or less risk getting banned?
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