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  1. i would love to se, that you could type in your accunts usernames for free games, so if you dont want to bot on you main you will still get free games without having to pause the bot and invite. free games for friends, thanks for the script, just started using it but so far so good
  2. galamahaf

    best money making with botting?

    already got vip, n 2 accs p2p.. tho im only making 500 - 1m / hour, i know its god, but how can i improve, that was what i was wondering, like should i have 10 fishing bots running? or 10 acc choping yew trees
  3. galamahaf

    best money making with botting?

    so lets say you would make a new acc, no skills at all. and just use it for money making with botting, what is the best way to make money with it? fishing? wc? killing cows, etc etc.. multiple boting? f2p, p2p, more or less risk getting banned?