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  1. Sweet, thanks bud Cheers, that seems like a really helpful website Also, is it best to have the flipping setting in the general options enabled or disabled? does it make a difference to gp/h?
  2. Can anyone help me out with increasing my profit p/h please? I'm using 40m cash, with a list of about 15-20 items consisting of both cheaper and more expensive items. Atm i'm only getting around 150k p/h, and i'm sure I can do much better cheers
  3. Thanks for the replies. Ghouls seem like a pretty good idea as they are quite unknown so I suppose the ban-rate should be lower than the rock crabs scripts. Only thing is I'm not sure how well I would hit on them with 1 or 16 attack
  4. I'm considering botting an obby mauler account because they look pretty fun to pk with. I would use Tri's experiment killer but i'm not sure if 1 attack would suffice there. Any other good scripts that I could use? I heard rock crabs had a pretty high ban rate
  5. I am looking for someone to complete desert treasure on my pure which has 1 defence and 15 prayer. Other stats include 82 mage and 73 range, please pm me here for my skype. Can pay via paypal or rsgp (up to you) cheers
  6. I heard that opening several garyshood clients, setting them all to random values between 1 and 9 seconds or so and have them all click works. Haven't tried myself though
  7. I can't get this script to work, here is my log: [18:54:07] Script Started: xMercher.[18:54:10] Done loading profile[18:54:37] java.lang.NullPointerException[18:54:37] at scripts.xMercher.Utils.pb.m(GrandExchange.java:804)[18:54:37] at scripts.xMercher.Utils.pb.k(GrandExchange.java:453)[18:54:37] at scripts.xMercher.Utils.Merch.i(Merch.java:216)[18:54:37] at scripts.xMercher.a.z.k(ExecuteMerchs.java:23)[18:54:37] at scripts.xMercher.xMercher.run(xMercher.java:122)[18:54:37] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)[18:54:37] Runtime data submitted.[18:54:37] Saved logs of this session in Tribot-folder/xMercher/Logs/xMercher - 02-20-2016 18-54-37.DAT[18:54:37] Script Ended: xMercher. Can anyone give me a hand please?
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