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  1. what are the ban rates on this script?
  2. and do you actively bot without bans?
  3. these days i understand alot of people get banned daily for botting and i see people useing vpn ect as precautions but how will this help as jagex said they do not care if its a different ip if its caught botting its banned. also dose anyone these days still bot comp/max ?
  4. anyone been banned from useing this?
  5. im constantly seeing people say if you bot these days you will be banned in a few days how true is this?
  6. I think that the email changing system should send a verification email to the old address requesting permission to change first because accounts could easily be stolen with just the password. I tried on myself to test it out, all you need to do is change password and email address and if you try to recover using old email it will say invalid email... So if someone's tribot account password is stolen and they have the email and pass changed what options do they have? The account is basically unrecoverable to them. I advise to prevent the email changes and to help possible recovery of stolen accounts they add a system to where it requests old email confirmation before changing to new one.