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  1. rsbot25

    Cant get VIP?

    Ive read the other posts about their purchases being considered "fraudulent" but my purchase went through but when i go to purchase VIP once i click activate it just opens like a transparent gray screen as if another window should pop up to confirm but nothing happens. It just sits there and if i click it just instantly closes. Any help to purchase my VIP?
  2. rsbot25

    glory charger

    Hey im looking for a basic script that can trade people glory 4's for glory 3, 2 1 or 0's and 5k each, when its out teleport with games necklace and recharge glorys and teleport back to edgeville. There was an old script like this but its outdated. please message!
  3. @RuniteRocks can u hmu with the old script if you still have access? thanks!
  4. Hey can you please pm me? Its about your old glory charging script. thank you.

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