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  1. Actually wasn't the client, it will walk away from combat and then never walk back to stall. The tile it's supposed to click lights up gray constantly as if it's trying, but something goes wrong. Cheers
  2. It's not walking back to the baker stall after it gets into combat in Ardougne. Gets stuck there, tried deleted .tribot folder etc. Added you on discord.
  3. itstoms

    ANTI BAN idea

    Randomization is key.
  4. Guessing f2p and like he said, prolly half a farm mining clay half the farm filling water?
  5. His farm might be about to expire l0l
  6. Well written, worth the read.
  7. I can attest to this, I have a small farm going 24/7 and it's not affected by when I bot them. Everything you said is spot on, especially the increased chance of bans when botting for long durations. From personal experience, anything over 4 hours can flag Jagex's system (even on premium scripts) and once you start hitting 8+, unless the script is amazing, your chances of a ban have skyrocketed. Again, this is from my personal experience.
  8. Yup, under the break handler you can customize this. Add the breaks that you normally want to take, so every 2 hours for 2 hours with randomization in your case. Add another break under the same profile that takes a break after say 7-8 hours for 5 hours or something, with randomization. With both of these, it should break with your normal 2 hour break a few times before it takes a long break at the 8 hour mark or so. Break settings are usually trial and error through testing, so GL!
  9. Just going with lowest ping world and getting good frames? I'll have to mess around with that some more
  10. Please refrain from using more than 4 switches. That many switches affects the script, from my experience.
  11. Just wanted to say how awesome this script really is... unreal amount of features and customization. The level of performance from this script is on another level from any other I've seen. It's honestly amazing. One question I have, however, is about the breaking system within TriBot. Does this script work in accordance with that, in that it will break after finishing a kill instead of during combat? Thanks for the script, you can really tell how much work went into this.
  12. Absolute legend! Thanks for knocking it out ASAP.
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