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    Love compeitive CoD, and runescape staking.
  1. How long are you online on weekdays/weekends?: Awhile What is your Time Zone: EST Do you have a 20M 07 Gp Deposit (Asking to work for the deposit will result in a BLOCK) : Nah haven't played any rs in forever What kind of things can you do for our services (Questing, Torsos, etc)?: Manage it What is your skype? : I have you on skype, I pmed you. Why would you like to work for my services?: Do you agree to the TOS?: Yes
  2. I remember leading the marketplace also! Crazy how many people have obviously beaten me haha.
  3. Just would like to say thanks, time flys man. I remember the day I joined, started up a flax bot and got my first 1m. (Was worth $10 at the time) I don't know why I posted this, I'm just surprised at how this bot is still up, active forums, etc. I'm proud
  4. Lmao, that is one first good method. My first method was picking flax. Making 5m a day was equal to aobut $40. Was easy with a few accounts.
  5. Rock crabs, or al-kharid warriors. Only got one ban in like 50+ days botting there
  6. Hi USA. Did you miss me
  7. This rule has been around forever... only premium scripters can make private scripts that are paid. I don't know if he wants to be paid or not
  8. May need you. Can you reply to the topic I have posted? All information in there.
  9. Will keep your offer in mind bud, don't bash others; it makes you look bad.
  10. Can you complete it? I'd need you to supply your own items mate.
  11. Hey guys, give me quotes for your firecape prices for an account with these stats 20 defense 70 range 70 prayer I don't care how trusted you are, how many you have done, post your price below. Depending if I deem you trustworthy or not I will go first or you will. Once again, idc what your skype is we can talk about that after I have decided on someone. So, start posting.
  12. Probably not a lot, 400k/hr isn't that much for a staker bot. I'm just speaking from what I know. I used to stake bot a maxed account pre-eoc
  13. LMAO. They did rekt you, op
  14. Hey, hit me up. You can PM me or add my skype, shawnbabz32
  15. Thanks for all the quick responses. I've been here since the beginning of this 07 bot. Goldfarming was GREAT at the beginning of the game, but now if I made 14 accounts; like I did at one time, they would get banned overnight . I want to make this account a staker/zerker. Much love for all the help guys.