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  1. know people dont like to share there methods, but do you guys have any tips on any item, tactics and so on? you can merch stuff thats in high demand, you'll have to figure it out yourself. nobody will tell you there secrets..
  2. you dont need proxies, the key is to have a different creation ip for all accs, so if you have a dynamic ip address you can just toggle your modem off and back on, then create an account and do the tut island legit. yes tut island is high banrate.
  3. current prices: Airs: 10 each Minds: 10 each Fires: 7,5 - 8 each write below skype/sent me pm ty
  4. still up
  5. buying all fire runes at 6,5-7each pm me or write below this thread if interested in selling me
  6. buying bulk deaths/nats at a price of 212 - 215each. write below or sent me a PM
  7. wow 3 threads created? give this kid warning points already thanks
  8. buying bulk deaths/nats at a price of 212 - 215each. write below or sent me a PM
  9. buying a lot of death runes/day price: 207each post below or sent me a PM with your skype.
  10. i got 25k cosmics/day for sale howmuch u would offer me
  11. or 5 min auths, so u see directly if the script is good or not. lol
  12. fire runes price: around 7 each mind runes price around 11each sent me a PM the amount you can provide and or write ur skype below thanks.
  13. nightmare zone is high banrate i don't suggest it.
  14. @eloytje1994 not if the method is in secret.
  15. stop botting/ buy private scripts.