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  1. clonky

    Staking tool

    What is hard? To make the script connect with the runescape hiscores?
  2. clonky

    Staking tool

    Some people doesent see when u spam with autochat, also if im on 6 accounts staking they will log out eventually if i dont click on them all the time.
  3. clonky

    Staking tool

    No, im staking myself. just want a tool that uses a autotyper and also shows ur opponents stats. No fucking odds calc or anything, i can calc odds myself.
  4. clonky

    Staking tool

    Hey i need a scripter that can make me a staking tool that uses autotyper to spam with aswell as seeing ur opponents stats when u go in a challenge. And if its possible i want to see people ive added on the minimap just like osbuddy.
  5. Just found this post on Twitter, just heads up.
  6. Payment Method: (07/EOC) 07 gp 1 month or 3 months?: 1 month How many are you buying: 1 Teamviewer or account details: Teamviewer Do you accept my Terms of Service?: YEs Your skype name:
  7. USA, can u fix the client or do we have to wait on trilez?
  8. i guess dynamic clicking broke after the latest client update
  9. V Nice guide but you should use comments to make it easier for newbs like me.
  10. A friends video about it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zCPcidRVCU&feature=c4-overview&list=UUNtQ6jbQgkV4kII043lU06w party hats will be useless lol: Mod Mat K Jagex Mod 08-Jul-2013 22:46:10 In 6 months the price of Party Hats will be near zero, or as close as makes no odds. As for how they impact on the economy, in the first few months of a game there is no stable economy and things will fluctuate wildly. However, everything will settle down in a few days, currently everything is in OMG PHAT mode. Mat. Heres the original post: http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/c=C0Ahl3k*Qso/sl=0/forums.ws?317,318,855,65056699,goto,5
  11. im so tired of this, keep getting error connection to server which make the client put in the pass twice and i get the message: invalid passsword try again 5 min or W/e it says
  12. TRIBot can find the objects but they are not clickable as far as i know.
  13. "The new update broke the RSObject/clicking API" Said someone called Mattbomer.
  14. v 4.0 isnt working at all it just withdraw/deposit pure essence contiounsly
  15. adamk, i suggest you get higher defence/ range for black d hide and higher hp.
  16. It keeps running behind the bank and get stuck there, other than that its good.
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