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  1. one of my bots had this error in console. later in the day i got hit with perma. Any idea what this is?
  2. Err that may not be the best of ideas. Putting 500m on a single account which is only yielding 1.3m/hr. I would strongly suggest splitting up the gold.
  3. Leaderboard can be implemented. BUT please include an opt out option as well to not display our rates or earnings if we do not want to. Some of us bot for pure profit rather than fame.
  4. It tends to logout and idle for 3-4 mins every few mins so no need for breaks. Breaks might cause problems for you as market price changed quickly and you may end up with loses. However if you really want to use them go ahead. Haven't seen anyone having issues with it tho
  5. Only profit per hr after 4 hrs are accurate. Anything before that are just potential estimates.
  6. start small ...learn how to use the script effectively...save up the capital and slowly grow big.
  7. It really depends on how well you use the script and what you merch etc. Experience users may have no problem covering the costs + profiting with 20m stack. Only way for you to know is to try it yourself. We cant tell you whether you will make it or fail bro.
  8. The 1m/hr was only for that once. As i mentioned, it was because the large farms were not started after the updates. Rates have corrected itself over the past 24 hrs
  9. This is only temporary since yesterday was the update. It will correct itself today once the other larger farms start back up.
  10. lol...the numbers were meant the exaggerate the point but as long as you get what i meant to say
  11. I always say safety 1st. if each account has 10m means its 150m in total ur risking. Say you continue botting today and tmw you get banned. This would mean u sacrificed 150m just to make 2-3m which you would also lose. Save the gold. If they are safe after Friday. Continue
  12. This suggestion has already been given to Taco hopefully will appear in V2. When an item cannot be sold it should be sold at the price is was bought at instead of keeping it hoping for the price to increase. Right now you really cant do anything. Prices will rise and fall all the time. There is no such this as a stagnant pricing in any market even IRL.
  13. Yes you can run multiple instance of tribot on separate comps. Just use the same account. Creating multiple accounts on Tribot will get you banned as its against the rules.
  14. lol..people are afraid to post real proggies. The numbers are shocking. Just look above, a guy ran a bot with 600m and this would have gotten him what 1-2m/hr net his loses? 350k/hr for 60m is very good in terms of current market situation trust me.