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  1. Script works fine. I've been using it for more than a year and so have many others. Join the discord and help will be available.
  2. Nah they are great Interested to know the cash stack on em as well
  3. I get banned almost every 2 weeks as well so its normal. As long as you bot there is a chance of ban. Sometimes you lasts a day sometimes a month. You can practice better botting techniques to reduce the ban rates tho.
  4. You must be new here. Proggy's that matter are those that has passed Item limit hours. That means only if you can maintain a rate for 6 hours or more. Please do not try to mislead users with your 2 hour screenshot By the way if you could maintain a 1.5m/hr rate with a low stack there would be no reason for you to not use the bot. The fact you are not VIP shows that whatever you made cant even afford you 6 ++ bucks. Hence i'm calling you out as a BS'er and if you are offering to sell your 'list' to anyone I suggest users be very careful when dealing with you.
  5. You mean for your list...lol sorry im the last person who needs a merch list from a noob
  6. ^ .... seriously -.-
  7. wait what? lol bro my post wasnt on the random section :/ it was from tribot-release-9303_5 in the Client Updates Sections...how did you quote it back all the way here :x
  8. Such an RS update that break hooks are usually major updates. Jagex could very easily slip in client detection codes or any anti botting mechanisms at this time. Other bots are up...yay for them...one thing i know for sure,Tribot checks very thoroughly esp during major updates for such detection's. At the same time they would push out some upcoming updates as well. I rather be patient for 3 days then to loose all 100 bots due to rush work. USA already mentioned that it's coming up shortly. What else do you guys want? A play by play of every single thing the Dev thing is doing? Sorry this wasn't part of the TOS bros!
  9. Erm yes they do. Last year for 1 entire day our ISP had its internet down. They waived 2 days worth of phone data plan usage during that downtime + discounted that months bill by a certain %. That's for all its customers. For tribot, updates to RS are inevitable and this has happened many times. Its not Tribot's fault for these updates hence i agree with you when you say they are not responsible and should not be held liable.
  10. cant u tell that he is a very very old man from the way he speaks? :x
  11. This is gona cause a lot of unnecessary bans in the coming week. Login servers being down is not a new thing and im surprised that the script doesn't stop in such an event. Because of this many of my bots were left idling for hours , some attempting to change worlds in the middle of tasks resulting in spam clicks etc. My advice is for everyone to bank their gold and pray for the best. Script should focus on safety first rather than business continuity since large amounts of capital is at stake. EDIT: Yupp as expected. a few of the bots got hit. @TacoManStan could you add a few lines, where if login fails due to login server down, it shuts off the script?
  12. been getting hammered the past 2 weeks as well..not sure why tho
  13. Bans are inevitable on every script. That said, this script has one of the lowest chances of it. In fact i don't know any script on here that has any lower ban rates tbh