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  1. Disable the 'Exchange bones' option in the GUI. If that doesn't work, at me on skype, I'll help you out.
  2. Where is your house? Rimmington or Yanille?
  3. It makes you walk according to a given path. It has optimizations that if it is able to click on a tile that is further in an array, it will skip clicking those before that.
  4. If you would like your character to walk by clicking exactly the tiles you set in your array, you would have to do it with a loop.
  5. Yeah it is. Try it out using the trial I like your suggestion. I didn't check the position bug you mentioned. I hope I will have some time to do that tomorrow. It is probably caused by false positives returned by the API.
  6. That's my bad. The Disable function was not yet pushed to the repository, so indeed you guys couldn't use it. I just updated the script with ABC2 sleep disable functionality. Also, the bug with Phials should be fixed.
  7. I'll fix the right clicking on Phials tonight. About the sleep times. It is an antiban feature. You can disable it by disabling the checkbox. If you disable it, the sleep times should be way less.
  8. That seems weird. The WebWalking method I'm using (my walking method) should be able to get out of those situations.
  9. That's probably caused by the ABC2 antiban system. You can disable it in the GUI if you want.
  10. You could try restarting and see if that helps to boost the sucess rate. About the door missclicks: I don't have real control of that.
  11. I can't really understand what part is failing for you. I have just ran the script myself in summer garden and am now 80% success rate. I have also updated the script to re-read the the current path which the elementals are following, which should result in less failures. Try the script again and see how it is working for you.
  12. The api method should be fixed. Is the script working as expected for you again?
  13. That's because you might have ABC2 reactions enabled. Disable those if you want faster results.
  14. That depends on the necessary fix of the API method I mentioned above. This has to be done by Trilez.