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  1. Yeah true. I like using it as best practise in case I want to do some other actions next to clicking, like rotating camera, etc.
  2. RSNPC[] npcs = NPCs.findNearest("Mining tutor"); if(npcs.length > 0) { Clicking.click("Talk-to " + "Mining tutor", npcs); } I think this is kinda what you want. You can also use npcs[0] in the click function.
  3. What are you typing in? The settings are pretty straight forward as far as I know. You have the option to select your own altar. Pm me the screenshots of the settings you are using and I'd be glad to help.
  4. Thank you for the above. I received a lot of complaints about the teletabs being used even when they are at the home again. I will take a look at this and see if I can try to replicate the behaviour. If I can't would you mind adding my skype? So I do something with the debug messages. The behaviour you describe about the delay before lighting the second burner could be caused by ABC2 delays, which I will make optional very soon. The setting you mentioned about rendering the house with the door open, I like that. I will add it asap, together with making ABC2 optional. I will post here when I resolved the issues or PM you if I need specific information.
  5. How do you type those dots? They are not on my keyboard
  6. I didnt't add the feature, yet. You can't expect me to implement a certain feature within a short period of time when one has requested the feature. As far as I know, it does not spam house tele, I checked multiple times and am even running the script at the moment myself. Not using the script at all is not a valid argument for requesting a refund. If you want the issue about spam clicking teletabs further investigated, then please add my Skype and I'd be glad to take a look at it.
  7. How do you mean? I just ran the script myself and everything (including host retrieval) worked fine. Could you be a bit more precise? Because I can't do much with such comment.
  8. Could you restart the script? It should be fixed now
  9. I do not have an exact ETA atm. I hope to find some time this week or the next.
  10. I'll take a look at it. I hope I have the time to do so today, otherwise it would be tomorrow.
  11. Did not receive any PM or Skype request. Does your issue still persist? If so, contact me. I don't like the way you are currently creating threads about asking for refunds, while these are not grounded.
  12. Could you add my Skype? It seems to be working fine for others, including myself. I would like to see in more detail what is happening. I won't refund you (yet), depends on where the issue is and how long it takes for me to fix something, if that's the case. I also encourage you to try the trial, before buying. See my signature for my skype or PM me yours.
  13. Great guy! Helped me out and pointed out some unknown vulnerabilities. Really worth a shot even if you 'think' you're well-protected.