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  1. If you experience issues, try the following: Go to: %appdata%\Roaming\.tribot\xSorcRunner Pro\ and remove the folder. Start the script at the start of the garden you want to do and select the garden you are at in the GUI. Then wait for the script to start working (it will show a message: "PLEASE! Do not move around or click anything. The script will continue automatically.". It will read the paths of the elementals, which might cause the script to fail if not done correctly.
  2. Did you try restarting? That sounds odd. Could you show me a print screen of the GUI settings?
  3. No sorry. The only options I consider is monthly or 2-weeks.
  4. Is there anything in the Client Debug? What part is 'broken'?
  5. I just made some updates that should make walking more accurate. Could you try again?
  6. ABC2 is slower, but should be more human like. Disabled is faster, but is less human like.
  7. It depends whether you use abc2 delays or not. I'd suggest using the trial and see for yourself
  8. You need to have done the quest: Prince Ali Rescue.
  9. Nice guys!
  10. That's neat
  11. Add my Skype: xcode.tribot I wanna know why it's not working for you.
  12. Is there anything in the script debug? Did you try restarting the entite client? Or just the script?
  13. The required items are harralander and vial of water right? It should be able to recognize those items. Could you try restarting your client? Let me know if that fixes the issue.