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  1. only working one is the premium rock crab script, to be honest most free scripts are no good, get premium but always check the last pages on the thread before buying one as well
  2. well, i got a 2 day ban from getting 40 hunter (before abcl10) using this script, after i got 63, i probably bot 8-10 hours every day or every other day and haven't been banned yet, got 90 hunter so far. It's only an account to fund my main which is a void pure
  3. I think it could be the random with mr hyde, the guy thats gives you a str pot, i checked on the bot with 2hp and he was punching me, i've died 2-3 times before as well, the bot was still trying to hunt, could you maybe make him run away when getting attacked and then run back to the spot like tri's fire giant? Also do you think mouse speed will increase i'm almost 90 hunter getting 230/hr instead of 300 Thanks for telling me to equip the bow as well, never wandered off again
  4. my account will randomly move a bit to the north or south and the bot will never go back to the traps, this has happened at least 4 times, twice over night.... wouldn't be surprised if i get a ban anytime. FIX YOUR GOD DAMN SCRIPT it's not worth the 10$ not worth 5
  5. Can you please make it if he walks away a bit to the north, he can come back to his spot. i botted overnight for 8 hours usually get 200 chins/hr i got 113 chins/hr and the bot was to the north trying to place a box some where you can't, must've been there for 4 hours, it was beyond bot like
  6. i realize i enjoy staking a lot even though it's not the best habit, i have void pure so 42 def 44hp. with 80 range 68 hp. I know stakers need high hp, so should i train str and att to get hp since i need like 59 levels of attack and strength to go up a combat level, or am i screwed because i have defense and prayer. Any input is appreciated especially someone with experience at staking
  7. lazygamer


    That's why i cursed the internet ^.^ , i just cursed jagex for the fact that i have to get void from scratch
  8. lazygamer


    seriously my first time ping in osrs, had full void guy got out dbow specced 24 37, i dced as soon as a died! i lost my full void from the first time pking fuck jagex and the internet, oh well at least it was 100% botted
  9. ran this while sleeping for give or take 4 hours, usually get 35k range xp/hr woke up found myself in lumbridge just standing outside with 24kxp/hr so i must've been there for like an hour. I didn't die though
  10. ran this script for 4 hours today no break was perfectly fine, but when the old guy who needs a herb came, the one thats gives you a str pot in the end, the bot ignored his presence and i spoke to him last second. i ran it for 15 minutes now, and the queen frog came, so i wanted to see what would happen, the bot tried running away but i got transformed into a frog and i had to get myself off of the island full of frogs. Idk if this is from the client itself or not, just thought i'd mention it
  11. okay so i retried grey chins and they worked, moved onto red chins when i got 63 hunter and it worked, since red chins work i don't really need to dispute since i'm never going back to falcons, please close thread
  12. moved onto red chins, was working very well as well. Won't be filing a dispute since i'll obviously be only using red chins. Really sorry wussup, but i realized the bot might sometimes lay a box out of the 4 tiles, like in one of the tiles right next to the colored tile where he was supposed to put and he won't recognize that it's my box and start trying to lay another box inside the colored square when the max amount has already been put
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