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  1. If we were to purchase them at 3.25/month would that continue in the next month too?
  2. Vouch for Ziolax, made 2 accounts for me with some quests, I went first
  3. No worries so yeah it's benefiting us from more than 20p/m I believe?
  4. So basically I just sold 100m/$88... For a convertable amount of £70.. Now i used to only get 100m/£68m say 3 months ago where the price of gold was higher and the USD was weaker against the GBP. Anyone else noticed this?
  5. @iant06 Script is rather buggy it will often missclick the deposit box and never close it again.
  6. She be ruling yo ass from outside the country fam
  7. Proxies to botters is water to fish.
  8. Bow down to my queen bitch lol jk i hate the queen loving our new Winston Churchill fiver doe
  9. @iant06 Does it support coffer yet?
  10. Does the script involve a key
  11. Also maybe a copy and paste feature? So i don't have to repeat the action many times? @J J
  12. Okay mate thanks, i would also like to further reiterate naruto's point! I have big uses for this script if it becomes a priority of yours and would happily pay for this! Goodluck with it in the future and if you have any features that need testing just drop me an inbox
  13. Firstly your pures stats are pretty sick i wouldn't reccomend botting that with the risk, you'd be better to make some profit off a level 3 botting and then pay someone to hand-train your account from this website (no bot much safer account sharing is allowed now). There are several f2p yew log bots which can make 60k/hr so if u have say 5 it's not bad! Or try find your own methods, even make a nature bot, the first account has perfect stats if you don't mind it getting banned after a while.
  14. Is there a poll or something for this? Edit: just seen your gyazo when was the poll passed?
  15. Unless you don't mind getting that account banned don't bot runecraft