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  1. HaydenTaylor

    Requesting an Alching Script

    As you are requesting a private script 8 dollars is nothing. You would be talking 100usd+ for this as only you would have access.
  2. HaydenTaylor

    Looking for someone to write me Private script

    Please fill the proper format for script requesting: Request: This should have the title of your request.Description: Explain what exactly the script should do.Payment Amount: What is your budget? Must include an actual price range, "flexible" is not valid.Time: How soon does this need to be completed?Additional: Any additional comments. Furthermore I would like to reccomend @wastedbro
  3. HaydenTaylor

    Need assistance

    I would hide your username friend.
  4. HaydenTaylor

    [ABC2 L10] [FREE][200-500k/h] Boe123's POHplanker

    How's your experience with bans atm Boe? I am getting hit pretty hard doing even light botting.
  5. HaydenTaylor

    advanced agility/alching/farming script all in 1

    It would cost you a lot more then 100usd...
  6. HaydenTaylor

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    Past two weeks I've had my first accounts banned in 6months with this script.. Started up some old mains again and banned within the week? Has jagex added something to combat shop bots? I've never had this problems before like I said
  7. Hi Fluffee, would you be able to send me an example argument for account creation? The thing you have posted is a bit confusing to read.
  8. Accounts being autolocked on creation. I created the accounts using the same proxy as I completed tutorial island with.
  9. HaydenTaylor


    Just curious what kinda profits did u make from this?
  10. Hey @Assume what stats would you recomend for a mid lvl staker? (lvl 80ish)
  11. HaydenTaylor

    TRiBot Release 9.305_1 - Temporary Patch

    Anyone else having low fps in the clients?
  12. HaydenTaylor

    agility pyramid buying!!

    You've not actually said anything?