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  1. Hm would be a smart way to ban reflection bots if it's possible... BUT I think Jagex ultimately wants to keep the majority of bots around to make cash hence the 21 day bans from my gold farming bots.
  2. Bot isn't working for me... It will start and once I press OK to enter my username(the one for script) it exits out and starts spamming my RS username/password... Any help is appreciated. I just updated the script and wasn't sure if I should copy and paste the files into the Abyssal Rcing Folder or the Scripts folder. I tried both but still doesn't work.
  3. Works great but enchants a bit too fast causing every 2nd enchant to fail and then the bot waits to cast the next one. Slowing down the timing between casting enchants by a bit should fix it. Not sure how to do this though :|
  4. This bot helped me get 2 Scythes on 2 different accounts. First account took 1300 hops and second was around 400. Used 2nd story of falador smelter house.... But since I'm posting it's probably a better idea to go to a harder to get to location like Ardougne Church (upstairs).
  5. Can see a username in one of those pics. I'd like to test this out if possible. Keep up the good work!
  6. 21 day ban as well. :| used many other scripts for weeks. Use this for 4 hours gf.
  7. I'll buy via paypal, PM me with details on how please. ALSO has anyone verified this?
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