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  1. everytime i start the scrip my character just starts running off somewhere
  2. once again after like an hour i left and came back and i was logged off. I am in lumby with butt naked with nothing, dropped all my items, some fag
  3. My computer was just reformatted nothing is wrong with it, once again it was one of the no life scripters that have access to everyones account. I used another PAID script about a year ago on a different account and i watched another SOB hack me as soon as I used his script. What says you? When he took complete control of my computer and shut it down i couldnt even do anything. These bots are a bunch of bullshit because once you get fairly wealthy they will hack you.
  4. Got hacked last night 2 accounts wouldnt recommend tribot at all anymore fucking scam. Wait about 2 months for someone to get wealthy then scripters hack you, awesome love it. why pay for it then rofl
  5. And i know its one of the scripters that has access to the accounts.
  6. If you want to get hacked then dont use this script! How can you pay for this shit and get hacked lost like 10m, fuckin bulshit script to lose all items lol
  7. hm so i get on this morning im in lumby and all my items are gone. I wonder who hacked me... Im only using this script funny shit
  8. so far from 1 to 96 great script once again! Ran over 24hrs
  9. How is the script coming along? Is it still hoping? I haven't used it much since the hoping started occurring
  10. The longer you run the greater the risk... But loving the script btw so far 83 agility