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  1. What to Merch

    Anything that buys low and sells high
  2. bought two bots already none of them work

    PM the OWner for help or refund!
  3. Waiting an entire day to get VIP?

    it Could possibly be some delay if you didnt refund anything
  4. Best way to create account.

    use another age/email/name/password as u do usual try stay highest 2hours online, or babysit
  5. One/Two Day Ban Discussion.

    first ban will be 1-2 days next is PERMANENTLY so watch out!
  6. Helpful Adivce

    i found this pretty usefull
  7. Hello guys!

    Welcome to tribot man!
  8. Damn was like reading a Bible
  9. Yoo Guys :)

    Sup man!
  10. Taste My Goldfarm

    verry nice!
  11. Next level botting

    Nice would love to try this!
  12. What day is OSRS UPDATED?

    Mostly random i would guess :/
  13. TRiCooker

    Nice cooking script!