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  1. skype : Johan.eee ill buy 1m if thats ok? that will be great for your vouches btw
  2. Selling 5 credits! Can go first if trusty person!
  3. Up And Selling!!!
  4. 100 posts now
  5. I will take Membership or bonds Hurry please HAPPY BIDDING!
  6. either you wait for reload the client, maby theres an update?
  7. YEs Epic do have this
  8. Anything that buys low and sells high
  9. We all do
  10. Restart the client / reload it
  11. PM the OWner for help or refund!
  12. eeverything that is broken can be fixed
  13. it Could possibly be some delay if you didnt refund anything
  14. use another age/email/name/password as u do usual try stay highest 2hours online, or babysit
  15. first ban will be 1-2 days next is PERMANENTLY so watch out!