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  1. josimm

    bought two bots already none of them work

    PM the OWner for help or refund!
  2. josimm

    Waiting an entire day to get VIP?

    it Could possibly be some delay if you didnt refund anything
  3. josimm


    Nice cooking script!
  4. josimm

    AIO Crafter - Looking for input!

    Agree with kiki! Would be awesome!
  5. josimm

    TRiBot Release 9.211_0

    Works Fine for me
  6. josimm

    Did any one get banned on 17th

    depends on mod whenever his online checking spots
  7. josimm

    new to this

    Just take it calm and dont power bot, WELCOME!
  8. josimm

    Troubleshooting Fix Database

    try fix 7:03] at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(Unknown Source) [20:07:03] at obf.Xb.ALLATORI_DEMO(xg:75) [20:07:03] at obf.Xb.M(xg:112) [20:07:03] at obf.Gb.M(ef:152) [20:07:03] at obf.Gb.ALLATORI_DEMO(ef:153) [20:07:03] at obf.pB.(to:69)
  9. josimm

    Weapon enum

    LOADS of signs
  10. josimm

    free premium script

    if you make premium scripts free they will be more likely to be higher ban risks!
  11. josimm

    [Pictures]Full Guide To Setting Up TRiBot

    Thanks but error :/
  12. josimm

    How to use the Tribot Proxy Feature

    The future is here!
  13. i dont get this proxy shit allways got banned
  14. josimm

    Tutorial Database

    Yes a start Guide for the Rookies!