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  1. hey i have a question, script works fine but it wont teleport back to seers village any tips why he is not clicking on camelot teleport?

    i have hard dairy done it clicks on magic book but thats it, it wont go to camelot teleport it stays on magic book?

    and yes i have checked the (have you problems with this script), deleted hooked and general but still wont teleport. 


  2. i dont know exactly because im not a pc expert haha but i was searching in my pc and all of a sudden i found like 5 folders with the same name and something like jagex.cache. so deleted them all and tried again and worked for me. i think i found the files by typing like %appdata% or something in the searchbar at windows start, i dont know if you are familair with it if not you should search it on google. i think that was it yes... i hope this helps you


    let me know:)

  3. i had the same problem and all i did was delete everyting that is jagex related so like every cache everything and restart pc and get back to runescape it will download all the files again and that will fix the problem because you have to many jagex things on your pc so it thinks your running more then 1 script


    hope this helps it worked for me i've been stuggeling with it for like 2 weeks after i found out lol


    (there may be hidden folders or on different location on your pc so you have to dig deep)

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  4. hey,


    Ok well me as a non pc expert dont know wether this is a script bug or client bug so thats why i called it (broken).. my apologies that i said your script was broken.

    and i hope it will get fixed soon because i think if a moderater or the system of jagex sees that a account is clicking like this they will ofcourse ban it right away.




    btw when is trilez coming back from vacation anyone knows?:P because im to afraid to bot right now since i got warnings

  5. hey ericko,


    i really want to fix the broken things in the script at the moment but i really dont have a clue how to report the thing you want us to report so if you could explain me in baby steps what to do i will do it .. since nobody is doing it.

    im sorry for me being noob in this but i've never experienced any broken things in your script its a very good script.

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