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  1. once i have it setup it banks all the runes.. so i cant cast iban blast.. and it only takes 1 barrows tab instead of what i filled in (30).
  2. i think its not a good idea to bot again because it still clicks like 2-4 times on the tile before it gets the msg to click on another tile(workaround). what happened to trilez hes gone for like 3 weeks now?.
  3. this script is very good !! i have 3 accounts with 91+ rc.. the only thing is the client need an update right now but the owner is on vacation so i should wait 1 week untill client is updated
  4. hey, Ok well me as a non pc expert dont know wether this is a script bug or client bug so thats why i called it (broken).. my apologies that i said your script was broken. and i hope it will get fixed soon because i think if a moderater or the system of jagex sees that a account is clicking like this they will ofcourse ban it right away. thanks btw when is trilez coming back from vacation anyone knows? because im to afraid to bot right now since i got warnings
  5. im sorry totally forgot about that hope this one is better: http://gyazo.com/367b8ea110207641f07d391245cfe7f1
  6. hey ericko, i really want to fix the broken things in the script at the moment but i really dont have a clue how to report the thing you want us to report so if you could explain me in baby steps what to do i will do it .. since nobody is doing it. im sorry for me being noob in this but i've never experienced any broken things in your script its a very good script.
  7. there are 2 things that are a bit broken the minimap clicking and after a while it goes ham in bank it right ciicks tabs but nothing happens
  8. Does the script do the random events? Or does it dismiss them?
  9. @erickho123. actually i did not play in resizable mode and i did restarted tribot but it happends sometimes.
  10. @erickho123, banking is fixed now it works perfectly now only 1 thing happends now when its done banking its clicking on the minimap but its clicking to high so its actually clicking on the interface of rs and not on the minimap itself so it wont walk in that direction it just keeps clicking but nothing happends
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