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  1. Thanks, I use it and a bit of After Effects. The main thing I use is Sony Vegas but not many people need videos edited on here
  2. Stuff I've done: imgur.com/a/kmYqP
  3. removed at ops request
  4. DMM Guthan spear for sale for OSRS GP
  5. Did you even read the title of this thread?
  6. I could charge to elo boost too but I'm just here to have fun
  7. I like the idea, good luck man
  8. all video games are man
  9. I'm plat and I know I cant get diamond this season so I don't really have much to do anymore. If anyone wants a boost to silver for the border message me or comment. No charge, I can do it in a day or so, or just add my account and message me whenever you want me to grind it. Unranked is fine too Region doesn't matter but Im in NA west coast I wont talk to your friends or do anything to get you reported, I just want to stomp some low elos
  10. Im only trying to boost for people that want the skin/border, not for people that want diamond
  11. Hey guys. I'm looking to do a few boosts for NA players. I'm currently in plat looking to make a bit of OSRS GP in exchange for league wins. I'll be boosting in NA only, to a maximum of gold 5. Prices: 100k OSRS GP per bronze tier 200k OSRS GP per silver tier PayPal not accepted Accounts with no placement games are considered bronze 5. (prices are not firm) Rules: 1. Account must be able to play ranked (be level 30 and own 16 champs) 2. Don't play ranked on the account while I'm working on it 3. I will not talk to anyone while on your account Time for delivery can be anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on your current rank and desired end rank. If you have a decent amount of feedback I will go first, otherwise payment will be made per division tier. Thanks for reading
  12. Added you on skype, need price on Regicide for 1 def