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  1. What is the best tab to make currently? What are the requirements to run this script? I want to run this bot.
  2. Left it for 20 mins, came back to it sitting at bank, and debug just said "Walking to bank..." over and over. Really want to run this script, but everytime I do I can't get it to work over 20 mins.
  3. At the edgeville dungeon it used to just stand there, haven't happened yet, but I've only been running it for 5 mins. The cosmic runes are on "78" and it took out all by accident. http://gyazo.com/e1a8a5b1b6e1af7744ea0abdb6ea195f May be a problem if theres pkers and you get killed for stack of runes. Haven't seen it running around my house yet though, tribot updated a day ago so prob was on their end. EDIT: Took runes out again..
  4. - runs around my house instead of clicking glory to tele to edgeville. - gets stuck at trapdoor sometimes when trying to go into the dungeon to air orbs. - gets stuck at the 3rd gate near chaos druids.
  5. Never knew unpowered orbs were so hard to buy.
  6. CC94

    I just been hacked :)

  7. whats the orb that makes most money/hr? getting the levels then will be using. Looks good.
  8. As soon as it enters the Nature altar it stands there for 45 seconds or more. Been happening since the update. Idk why.
  9. Why is the bot only $1? Not complaining, just curious.
  10. What happens if you bot on account that already got 2 day ban? Does it just get banned instantly? or NAH?
  11. Lol dude.. this must be your first time botting. If you are complaining about being banned then don't bot, or atleast don't do it on your main. I just do it on throwaway accounts.
  12. Would not recommend to use this bot right now. Trained combat for 2 weeks, got up to 110, went to train, woke up, bot logged out, logged in, instantly disconnected, banned.