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  1. You mean requirements for the TriBot Client Starter? I was so excited to use this until I saw that, but thanks for all the information that's here.
  2. You aren't making sense. Are you talking about not loading anything on the screen except the objects you are wanting to interact with? Render-blocking the useless objects on the screen? That's the only thing I can gather from reading your very confusing posts. Or telling to client to interact with an object that isn't there at all? Either you've stumbled upon nothing, or you need to explain this better.
  3. What? Makes no sense. I'd appreciate the methods. If you don't want to have them public, that's your call. But act like you're doing it for the sake of Tribot, lol? You really think Jagex has a compilation of everyone's anti-ban snippets and use them for bot-detection? Having something like this allows for people to modify it, improve it, make it their own. Create more methods based off it, etc.. but by all means, keep it for yourself. Just don't fool yourself into believing some random kids on a forum giving you their own theory on how Jagex detects bots. Scripts function on logic. Not exploits. Improve the logic, and it will exponentially become hard for Jagex to differentiate from real. You can't patch logic.
  4. Any tips on how to speed up my 2-10 fps performance with 32-bit?
  5. I can't seem to get Tribot running (I'm using it for RS3) on any 64-bit versions of Java. It works on 32-bit, but incredibly choppy and causes less-reliable bot behavior.. No-matter whether Java 7/8 jre/jdk, the 64-bit ones produce this error: "Can't load IA 32-bit .dll on a AMD 64-bit platform." Does it do this for everyone? What can I do here? My 64-bit gameplay is explicitly more smooth... Would appreciate any insight or thoughts, thanks!
  6. Go ahead, mate It use to work perfectly. Some TriBot update caused the issue, and I'm not sure why. Maybe talk/look into some Law Crafters in working order.
  7. Well, simply run this in a private world with your bots and it will already do this.
  8. Really doubt it, farmed well over 100k laws using this very script. Never banned. Plus, they don't do 2 day bans for botting? If you read through the errors, and then looked through this thread, you'd find what you need to do to fix your issue.
  9. Could be. I haven't played in about 2 weeks. If you are looking to host, try keeping this bot running (after modifying, maybe), and you'll eventually work up a good crowd to keep coming back to you. If you're running, it's just up to the crafters available.
  10. Change that character to anything else. It doesn't matter what, just a normal letter. I'm using an "æ", which compiles fine in eclipse, but is apparently giving errors in your online(?) compiler. Major props to you, for at least trying If you still have errors, PM me.
  11. Hardly an anti-leech when you post the working source code. If you cared so much about the script, you'd compile it. God forbid you take 5 minutes of your time to learn how. Cheers
  12. Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking. After all, you can create an account and run this script within minutes. Guys, come on, just apply yourselves a bit and you'll get it figured out.
  13. When I started using this script, laws were nearly 230 each. I hoarded the runes I collected from this method, and didn't sell them till the end. By doing so, I drowned out most legit players attempting to use this method, and (I believe) caused laws to raise price. Made a nice profit, and used a simple auto-seller/merch script to sell off all the bulk