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  1. You mean requirements for the TriBot Client Starter? I was so excited to use this until I saw that, but thanks for all the information that's here.
  2. You aren't making sense. Are you talking about not loading anything on the screen except the objects you are wanting to interact with? Render-blocking the useless objects on the screen? That's the only thing I can gather from reading your very confusing posts. Or telling to client to interact with an object that isn't there at all? Either you've stumbled upon nothing, or you need to explain this better.
  3. Much appreciated! Thanks for this.
  4. I really like this, thanks! Easily implemented into a script of mine, much appreciated.
  5. Oh, Jesus. I know you must've put a lot of hard work into this! Much kudos
  6. O_O I've never had that issue, nor have I touched that option. I guess I'll add something about that, just in-case. I appreciate the post, and hopefully it didn't cause you too many issues!
  7. You need to use regex to get the last string out of the chatbox and store the strings to check if it's really new. lol I don't have any issues dealing with recognizing old messages. Yes, I have. Quite extensively. It works perfect for me.
  8. Hey all, I came across a simple program that's become of great use to me. I thought I'd share! It's called DSynchronize. Using this utility, you can enable real-time syncing between two folders. I like to have a well-structured workspace in Eclipse. It allows me to keep that structure, and let my scripts show in the default script folder for TriBot at the same time. I can even enable bi-directional syncing. If you're hassling with moving sources and scripts each run, or you simply don't want to move around your workspace, then this is for you. Not only that, but I can keep a set number of backups for each file, every time I save. It's incredibly simple to use. While it's fairly self-explanatory, I'll include a small guide on getting setup. Here's the link! Scroll down until you find DSyncronize. [align=center]Guide to setting up. When you run the program, you'll see something similar to this. Add your desired folders to by synced, the left side containing your workspace, and the right side being your TriBot folder (... \AppData\Roaming\.tribot\bin\scripts). Then, near the mid/bottom of the program, you might want to check "Do not delete any file", just as a precaution. Now, enable whatever backup and syncing options you like. Personally, I feel that the real-time synchronization is by far the best feature. Once you're done, test it out. Hopefully it'll be working, and it should look to be something like this: I know there are other methods to achieve the same feat, however, I felt this was one of the easiest. If you need help getting it setup, post here and let me know. Hopefully someone finds this as beneficial to them as it is to me. Thanks, and enjoy![/align]
  9. Thanks, I've revised it
  10. It's not even that expensive! Surely, and ironically, you've made enough money from your payment authentication system to support such a purchase. Also, you should share your creations here! I'd be interested to see what you've made. Good luck with the search
  11. This is just what I needed, although I'm not using it quite how you've intented. Thanks! Also, as a tip, don't begin any variable's name with a number. Anyways, here's what I've done: private RSTile getClosestTile(RSTile[] tileGroup) { RSTile c = new RSTile(9999, 9999, 0); for (RSTile a : tileGroup) { if (a.isOnScreen()) { return a; } } for (RSTile b : tileGroup) { if (b.distanceTo(Player.getPosition()) < c.distanceTo(Player.getPosition())) { c = b; } } return c; }Simply pass on a group of tiles such as: public final RSTile[] LOLTiles = { new RSTile(3156, 3620, 0), new RSTile(3219, 3656, 0), new RSTile(3035, 3732, 0), new RSTile(3106, 3794, 0), new RSTile(2980, 3866, 0), new RSTile(3307, 3916, 0) };With example usage as: DynamicClicking.clickRSTile(getClosestTile(LOLTiles), "Walk")Feel free to edit your original post, if you indeed like my revisions. EDIT: I see you've now done some changes yourself
  12. I created this for a very odd purpose, and I'm interested to see how people might use/modify it. I remember spending a good long while working on it, albeit rather basic. It will trade a player if they've said a specified string. Public chat can indeed be set to hide, as the method is not be affected. Enjoy! It has much room for improvement. private void tradePlayer(String arg0) { for (RSPlayer i : Players.findNearest(arg0)) { if (i.hover()) { Mouse.click(3); sleep(300); if (ChooseOption.select("Trade with " + arg0)) { sleep(500); } break; } } }Now, throw this down in your playerMessageRecieved (your script needs to be implementing MessageListening07) : public void playerMessageRecieved(String arg0, String arg1) { if (arg1.contains("Dancing 4 money")) { tradePlayer(arg0); } }Have fun.
  13. Returns the current Wilderness level as int, and as 0 if not in Wilderness. Useful for teleporting out of the Wilderness and such. private int wildernessLevel() { if (Interfaces.get(381, 1) != null) { return Integer.parseInt(Interfaces.get(381, 1).getText().substring(7)); } else { return 0; } }
  14. While I probably won't use this, this is pretty neat! Thanks for sharing.
  15. Thanks for this, modified to my needs