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  1. Have some problems with house tele, when i tele to house script do more than 1 click on tabs and use 2 tele tabs, can you make a option to select how many tele tabs we want per trip? Cuz most of the trips i use 2 house tabs
  2. other 2 bugs on this shet: i was crafting natures and then back i i was here stuck on water altar doing nothing. and........... after that stuck.... coming back and see me acc just stand there doing nothing at 20 hp and then tele to house and go again with the same fucking 20 hp...... hope i can get a signal of you because i dont see any fix and atm this script got ALOT of BUGS and i paid for this to work. TY
  3. well i ALWAYS get stuck here because someting happend with emergency teleport, in this picture im at 20 hp, and script just get stuck there:
  4. plz fix emergcy teleport, script just go to abyss with 13 hp and then tele to house, then go again with the same hp. -.-
  5. bro this script have too many fail on selling games, and on dh sometimes dont drink overload and start clickcling rock cake from 51 hp till 2 hp and dont pot anymore overload because need more than 50 hp to drink 1
  6. im at lvl 40 crafting, what is the besto to craft at that lvl?, cuz im getting like 25k crafting gold bracelet but i really want more exp plz help guys
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