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  1. Tricorn

    [Beta] Mute's Slayer

    Seems to get stuck at slayer master.
  2. Tricorn

    Current state of botting on osrs

    What would you consider safe and secure botting? Not using scripts that will have been abused, not long periods of time, using high quality scripts? By conservatively how long would you run a script for, 3-4 hours a day alternating between activities, etc?
  3. I have not played runescape in quite a long time, played since you could suicide bot 24/7 and never receive a ban. I was wondering if botting an accounts stats is still viable without being banned right away, would appreciate if someone could share their experience with botting and if you think it is worth it. Thanks, Tricorn.
  4. Tricorn

    Private Script

    I still need this, hit me up.
  5. Tricorn

    Private Script

    I need a private script, Willing to pay, it is a relatively simple script. Add my skype: andypgslaya for more information
  6. If this is allowed can a script writer give me a message? I just need a small script will explain in detail if interested.