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  1. This is a Phiser. Do not go to his site. or else your account will get hacked.
  2. Script works perfectly as long as the doors are open... ... ... .. bot stood there for like 4 hours clicking bank when doors was closed.
  3. Tri, please update so that it can open the doors. It just stands there locked inside clicking bank for hours.
  4. If people are running this for 1 hour and getting banned, then really guys, all the risk for just 1,4m hour....
  5. This is definetely a premium scipt! GJ man! its really fast and works extremely well. I will try running it for some hours too see if it fails later on, but this is just superb so far. Very nice.
  6. Hey, i just used this script for about 2 and a half hour, then suddenly i saw i didn't have a pickaxe in my inventory, and luckily for me, i wasnt afk, so i saw that my bot had dropped my pickaxe cause it was broken. Please fix this issue, the ID for a broken pickaxe is 1275. thanks, script worked flawlessly at 46-47k exp hour. Good job. heres a pickture http://gyazo.com/546c0ff0038bd5410f9df9c227836c8a
  7. Does not work. Just stands there, doing nothing. Please update ;/
  8. you know if yak bot views exp hour for both hp and the skill you are training?

    1. Sociopaat


      yes i know it does

  9. want to sell you 436m eoc cash and 16m 07 cash edit : just sold him 436m eoc and 16m 07 and everything when flawless ! thanks so much
  10. 20m 07 gold and 14m eoc gold paypal yes yes yes edit : big vouch to my friend ! sold 20m 07 gold and 14m eoc ! thanks
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