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  1. I'll be testing this script on my new acc in the upcoming weeks. I'll keep you posted.
  2. 50 hours no break? Did your PC die lol?
  3. Yeah it might be good, since the gold rings require 5 crafting before you can even use the script.
  4. Script works perfectly, in fixed and re-sizeable mode. Thanks mate.
  5. Small pouch 5509 Medium pouch 5510 Medium pouch (Degraded) 5511 Large pouch 5512 Large pouch (Degraded 5513 Giant pouch 5514 Giant pouch (Degraded) 5515
  6. Wouldn't constantly dropping seeds affect the GP/Hour though at 94 (hard diary) /99 because you dont fail at those levels anymore? At the lower level of thieving dropping seeds might not affect profit as you'd be stunned for 3 second duration, so dropping seeds isn't a big deal at that point.
  7. Yeah that would be nice. This script seems great for pre 99 / 94 thievers (who have done ardougne hard diary). From my understanding the other seeds amount up to 100k + / hour so its still significant income when you multiple it by a 100/1000 hours. This script is definitely the highest money making script amongst all the free (non-premium) scripts.
  8. At the moment your script drops all the seeds except ranarr and snapdragon. Is it possible to have an option for 99 thieving to choose what seeds we want dropped instead of dropping all the seeds except for ranarr/Snapdragon? The wiki page below countains all the possible seeds of master farmer pickpocketing https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Master_Farmer
  9. Ive been using the script.
  10. But the script is the one using the duel ring LMFAO. I started the script at the fire altar, and it uses the ring of duelling to go back to clan wars.
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