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  1. A nice we proggy for you, i banked alot more then 25 items though
  2. over the past 2-3 weeks ive had over 25 f2p fishing bots using encoded fisher (the paid script) perm banned. i made a fresh 5 bots and fished them at lummy till 40 fishing. all banned within 8 hours. dont bot right now, specially on an acccount you value, the longest one of my fresh f2p accounts lasted was a week. a level 5 with 4 qquests done and 70 fishing.
  3. thanks guys just brought it membs for the laughs, has 5 att 71 str 61 hp and 58 range haah mean!
  4. So iv'e recently remembered my credentials of a staking account i made over a year ago, but i cant find him on the highscores? i checked my inbox on the account and have no marcoing offenses, so i cant work out why nothing shows in the high scores? is it possible my account was reset, i have to buy members to get onto it (osrs) so i wondered if anybody could help me before i spent the money to find a reset account. what did i miss, because i think another of my accounts has done the same thing
  5. http://i.imgur.com/745tFeA.jpg sorry, i dont know how to post the image straight to the fourms. anyone explain this? any way around it? have never used poxys before but have had 10 + accounts banned in the last 2 weeks of f2p trial.
  6. just had 5 accounts ban hammered fishing lobs at karjarma after the update. gg
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