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  1. -Stuck on RoD option screen when teleing to castle wars for ogres. -Falador bank is messy to access -Lumbridge at certain angle clicks outside the castle then clicks stairs, runs towards the stairs until at tele spot and then clicks outside castle on minimap. Not really important (except maybe the fally one)
  2. Ectofunctus bone crusher would be pretty cool
  3. RS 3 -> 07 / 07 -> RS 3 : 07 to RS3 Amount you want to swap :3M How did you contact me (Skype/Live chat) : added skype Going first or we use VMM/MM :I'll go first.
  4. Perf slayer / Kminer and .nets rcer were the best bots ever made imo.
  5. My friend was using mutes slayer and some guy asked if he could buy his Rockshell armour, it replies "I am an atheist" 0.0
  6. [21:07:30] The script's paint appears to be frozen. Attempting to recover the paint thread.[21:07:35] The script's paint thread could not be recovered. Creating a new one. Script stays idle after this, after load up
  7. i'd like this also RoL equipping and tp to house from lumb would be pretty insane.
  8. Hey came into alot of steam wallet cash recently and want to play more OSRS than steam games so I want to buy some OSRS gold. Can go first to trusted members. Happy to use a middle man. Games will be traded via steam inventory trade. My skype: Roflmao-me please post below what game you wish to buy.
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