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  1. Lolled
  2. BE AWARE! Don't trust this guy, he is trying to scam your account! REPORT THE POST ABOVE SO MODERATORS WILL SEE! I am the only one working on this script.
  3. No I will add that in the future but I'm busy with school atm ..
  4. The script is not dead. I am currently banned for 2 weeks. If anyone could provide me with an account to fix the script, please pm me! I'll then be able to fix the script asap.
  5. CoolTbh I have exams till the june, 21th so I wont be able to work on this.
  6. Banned aswel, Bottingvps.com
  7. I will when I have time, I'm pretty busy atm. Are you sure you extracted it in the right folder?
  8. Just extract it into your scripts folder which can be found at C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\.tribot (if you're using windows)
  9. There is a Pest Control script: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9984-v201-texan-zainy-pest-control-freecc-hopping-beta/ And I'm not interested in making a bank organiser.
  10. Hahahaha, thank you! Please take a screenshot now and then so you don't lose the progress. Because mollie and frog will let the script stop. I will add that soon. Mithril for tokens. But I wear rune lol
  11. Hello guys, I'm looking for a new script to make, doesn't matter if it's a private one or a public one. If it is a private one send me a message. if it is a public one just post it down bellow!
  12. Sorry guys, will fully rewrite the script soon.
  13. Yeah, ofcourse. Bot woodcutting on your main, that's a smart thing to do
  14. Just extract it INTO your scripts folder. The whole folder is named 'Jelle'.