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  1. pattahh

    Abyss runecrafting

    When doing runecrafting in the abyss, does it make a difference if you use rune pickaxe in place of a mithril? will you mine quicker through the rocks?
  2. pattahh

    Human Mouse Implementation

    Ye i am have same problem. Very slow mouse movements. its decreasing my xp and wealth an hour. I do use Exrunecrafting script, it's awesome script but since the human mouse is implented, it's no great botting experience it's making unhuman robotic movements from my sight. But this is not always happening. Sometimes it switches back to fast movements again and after a while back too slow again.
  3. This?: [14:36:45] Script Stack Trace:[14:36:45] java.lang.Thread.sleep(Native Method)[14:36:45] org.tribot.api.General.sleep(ai:183)[14:36:45] org.tribot.api.Timing.waitCondition(tk:173)[14:36:45] scripts.utils.management.banking.n.b(BankManagement.java:496)[14:36:45] scripts.exrunecrafter.a.ne.d(Abyss.java:741)[14:36:45] scripts.exrunecrafter.ExRunecraft.run(ExRunecraft.java:283)[14:36:45] java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) or do i have to copy this at the moment that the bot isnt doing anything anymore?
  4. then i have to wait till it happens again.. and what is the script stack trace?
  5. Verison #: Altar: Mode(Master/Slave/Abyss/Solo): abyss Obstacles selected (Abyss only): standard Teleportation / Walking method: glorys Abyss debug: Pause (true/false?) (abyss only): Eat at and Emergency teleport % (Abyss only) eat at 79% and tele and 50% Picture of setup of GUI : Anything the script printed that told you to post on the thread? I.E: Error #1 please post this on thread: Script stack trace (image of how to print stack trace here: http://gyazo.com/6a34c15dabaec56761596344fcaa8815) : Bug that occurred (Please be detailed) when it teleports back to edgeville, it directly like freezes. the mouse stops doing anything, but the script hasnt stopped. sometimes i have this when botting for 6hours but also now in a few hours orso.