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  1. Been trying this with LG, but it seems like the script terminates with the message that all the wines have been made (I did set make all wines) But the weird thing is that the scripts runs for like 1 level then says this. Please notice that i have like 20k wines to make in my bank, so theres no way all the wines was made. Looking forward to hearing from you :-)
  2. im currently using a VPN, which when i supervised for an hour was causing unstable connections unfortunately. Changed my VPN to somewhere closer (Regional) and as far as i can see, the problem is solved/determinated :-) Had 812k xp during 3 hours of making wines yesterday ----------Problem solved----------
  3. Following how basic it is, the only things required for this script to run, is the following; GrapesJugs of wineSomething seems wrong here :-D
  4. Its lacking some patches on the wine making. i ran this script flawlessly for 10-20 minutes each time i tried to make wines, either way it logs out at some point, even tho bank has all the items needed. Otherwise it's perfect.
  5. i have the latest version but still bugs. lets just wait for the update
  6. its because of the new update, i think everybody experiences this atm.
  7. i get the same error as Targeted...
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