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  1. Mines is a bit messy atm, but just search PC21G on google images
  2. Awesome desk, I got the same but in black.
  3. Just bought it, I'll post some proggies in a bit if i remember EDIT: After 30 mins or so of using the script, i have found a few bugs: When attacking portal, it will go near a portal and just stand there until something attacks it. Sometimes it AFKs for a couple minutes before something attacks it. Also, it will try to attack monsters that are over the fence and will spam click them until the gate is opened. Edit2: This happened: After the game had finished it would not walk onto the platfom, so I walked on manually and now it seems to be working fine (I did not restart the script) Edit3: Around 3h40 the same problem as above happened. I am unsure how to replicate it. Current proggy:
  4. Advice is to get MalwareBytes and scan your computer There is no way for it to also find out your e-mail password. Unless of course it is the same password, then it is your fault anyway.
  5. Personally I've never tried it so I'm not sure, but it definitely is more CPU and probably RAM intensive.
  6. If you are not interested in any free scripts, then VIP probably isn't worth it unless you intend to use Looking Glass which supposedly lowers banrate.
  7. There are many ways to change your IP, and yes this is one of them. Just make sure to check your IP before and after doing it to make sure it changed.
  8. Your IP may be flagged too, this would result in your accounts being chain banned and/or banned very quickly.
  9. Is your dog single
  10. How much would you charge for: 10-40 mining 1-40 smithing 38-59 magic 10-40 crafting post or add my skype scaryscar6
  11. Whoops, I'm getting mixed up with final
  12. I'm guessing because generally nodes wouldn't be changing, but I'm sure it wouldn't make a difference if it wasn't static.
  13. Ow I think you can get it reset but not sure how
  14. Yeah my first script was a woodcutter someone else had made, and I just changed it to work as a miner. Didn't put a lot of work in, but it greatly helped me to understand logic and just how scripts work.