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  1. geting baned every days all weekend

    Did you get baned mate? I can tell you how to not get baned.
  2. ♣ SpecialRS' Quest Service [RS3/07] - [CHEAP] ♣

    Completed a quest for me, doing more fairly soon. Thanks! +1
  3. ♣ SpecialRS' Quest Service [RS3/07] - [CHEAP] ♣

    Talking on skype now with you
  4. ♣ SpecialRS' Quest Service [RS3/07] - [CHEAP] ♣

    Contacting right now
  5. need help!!!

    well botting isn't that simple anymore, you can't just go to lumbridge bot combat on cows and expect to be alive the next day. Especially those area's are high ban rates, I'd check a different area or just get the beginning yourself and find out more about botting these days. Just a Tip; Looking glass + a less common area.
  6. Eventhough it's a known method, that doesn't mean I'm just going to tell you where I'm goldfarming so everybody can do so.
  7. Like the title says. I'm searching for a private scripter available today who can make me a script for a method that's known. I have this script already but the problem is the scripter won't update it and just ignores for weeks, so I need a reliable one please Skype : ireloadi
  8. Nothing Works

    Probably this, try using a different script(I'd suggest searching for one which topic is still alive, and see how people are commenting on it in the past month or so.) Guess this should solve the problem
  9. Awesome script, only problems are that the mouse speed should be increased for the banking part. Also it prioritizes drinking a potion over eating a shark when low HP.
  10. Name of order ( Powerlevelling, Questing, Minigaming ) : Powerleveling + probably quests What order : Agility 32-56 Price of the order : Did you add my Skype : yes Do you accept my TOS [Yes/No] :yes
  11. Just did a quest for me, awesome and fast
  12. What is your issue?: Extreme lag What happened exactly?:I've had this script for 2 days now, whenever it runs for over 10 mins and comes to a crowded area (dagonnoths) it starts to lagg like crazy, this also makes it fail to eat on time. What task were you on?:Dagonnoths What was the status on the paint?: Slayering. Who is your slayer master?:chaelder Bot debug?:nothing different from reg. Client debug?:Nothing different from reg. The lagg has nothing to do with my computer, I've tried it on 3 different ones, and 2 of those are extremely good, concidering it's only 1 bot it should do fine.
  13. I came across a problem. I choose the option to use Vannaka as slayer master, it still goes to that one in burthope. Could you help me figure out what I'm doing wrong? Probably just a small mistake, I've added you on skype
  14. Private script request

  15. Private script request

    That guy who said that was joking, don't take it seriously.