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  1. Does anyone's autochat only use the first line available? I thought it was supposed to choose between the various options.
  2. Anyone else having issues getting people to stake them? Is it the amount that I am staking or should I raise my combat level (90 currently)
  3. This script works for me. Any chance you can get this script to follow a clan chat to different worlds? or spend points properly?
  4. Can you update the points per hour and exp tracker? it just uses the difference between start and finish but if you spend points it fucks it all up.
  5. This script frequently stops moving after turning in the 100 points, please can you fix this.
  6. Great script, but I find it sometimes gets stuck after it hands in 100 tokens until I move it back to the dock, then it proceeds as normal. Also, I think a couple things could be improved like moving to portals more efficiently because right now it clicks out of the gate and then just clicks in the direction of the portal and then sometimes walks back into the base and back and forth and it looks very suspicious. Also there are a couple monsters that block movement and the bot doesn't move around them ever. Lastly, I think there could be something to check for spinners spawning after attacking the portals has started because once you start attacking the portal, you don't switch to spinners despite them spawning.
  7. Do you know what the ban-rate is for this type of script? Can you PM me it? Is there any anti-ban for this script?
  8. Don't know about these people but I just bought it, and it is working great. One time it got an issue with moving but I think its a tribot problem with moving because the relekka crab script did it too.
  9. This script is extremely dangerous I have found. I was banned after one day of using it.
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