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  1. Illuminati666


    change your ip.
  2. Illuminati666


    Can't really get pissed when something is free imo.
  3. Illuminati666

    Taking script requests for free

    I'm very busy right now but i can probably help you gather info and do bug reports for you.
  4. Illuminati666

    Taking script requests for free

    make a slayer script ;p
  5. Illuminati666

    Looking Glass - Should I use it?

    try out both methods for a week and report back ;p
  6. @Final Calibur sheep shearer- get's stuck making balls of wool. Do you need me to send you a bug report?
  7. Illuminati666

    Cant open TriBot

    yeah download jdk 8
  8. Illuminati666

    How to run multiple tabs with multiple proxies?

    yeah i think it's better to just run 1 client per accounts. You'll run into more issues using tabs as the others said plus you'll have to restart more than one account everytime something happens.
  9. Illuminati666

    Proxy or IP reset?

    are you using a modem/router combo or a modem connected to your router? If you have a modem that's hardwired to your router you can go into your router settings and manually change your mac address. I personally advise against using any programs to spoof mac and stuff because they normally have an increased chance to competently ruin your router. If you do the mac address method manually after you reset your modem/router you want to first plug in your modem then your router so your router can adjust to your modem settings. If you need me to help you at all just send me a pm or post in the thread. cheers.
  10. Illuminati666

    Proxy or IP reset?

    do you need help getting a new ip? Depending on the type of router you have i can tell you how to get a new ip in 5 mins.
  11. might have to try this script out. Mod wolf posted some stuff about zulrah.
  12. I would recommend this script to anyone trying to get 7 qp on f2p accounts. Works flawlessly for me.