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  1. just checking in has it been updated yet?
  2. connected on skype thanks mate
  3. this just happened to me the other day on my main never botted at all. I did password change and was able to get back in to account no problems. was in different area though and at a bank but nothing stolen from account. try password recovery and see what happens.
  4. ok so made some planks and put them in my bank to try this again. within 5 minutes it got stuck 2x. first time was on removing object. took me about 5 minutes to realize it was not gonna keep running. restarted it and then it gets stuck on ringing bell. it rang the bell and then just stood there until I manually clicked on the butler. I do have a few suggestions. 1st would be add support for planks in your inventory already it is 100x faster not that your script is fast at all but its 5 less mouse clicks atleast. 2nd do something with the paint, when script is open you cannot manualy do anything as far as building or removing objects because all it does it toggles your paint on and off. script is very slow, should easily be able to get 2 builds in every time the butler is gone, instead it is so slow you end up spending 5k for 16 planks instead of 20 because it keeps going to the bank every build. this cost alot more money in the long run. this was all on v. 1.52 as well. well can't get it to run for longer then 20ish minutes get about 40 larders made and it bugs out on removing object every time. this bug has been like this for looks like well over 2 weeks to me needs to get fixed.
  5. was wondering if you could add the option to not use food if it doesn't have to. I don't see why it has to drop or eat the food when invo is full. I wish it could just go bank once full and keep food this way I don't have to waste food nonstop. pain in the ass to mule food all the time. just my thoughts but I love all your scripts.
  6. is there any plans on making the butler redeem noted logs and take them to saw mill. I see no reason why I would need to manually make all the planks or buy the planks outright and double the money spent. just purchased it thinking this was common method of building. let me know if it doesn't have this or if I am just retarded and it works like this already and I just missed it I will start using it. only need 16 more levels though from 57 to 73.
  7. not sure if it was addressed but still not taking breaks even though it is set to break. I will retry making my break times but this is a huge problem. also not sure where I could get info to help with this bug at all please pm me and let me know.
  8. so will encoded fisher work at all while your offline? just renewed all my memberships today so that will suck if so cuz your script is the best one I have used. I currently have 35+hour proggies and normally they run over 100 hours before I have to restart tribot.
  9. just found my toon in an endless loop. cutting oak at varrock, level 37 rune axe and bronze axe in bank, broken steal axe equiped. kept going to bank to get axe but would not use bronze axe, either need to fix it to use any axe it can or fix the randoms, pretty sure this account is gonna be banned now.
  10. I have been running over a month with my settings and have not lost a single account before 2 weeks of botting, since this stupid client update I have lost every single account and I have only run a few hours of botting on each cuz the randoms are screwed up. this needs to be fixed I am gonna try another group today with less botting time but seems like this killed tribot for me.
  11. I increased my stack size to 1k when I start bot and it runs smooth since it is using well over 500mb for a single toon right now. however every single random event seems to be screwed from fishing randoms, to combat randoms, to woodcutting randoms, running any script smooth is out of the question. in order to run just one fishing bot I had to supply 100 harpoons which it ran out of in roughly 24 hours, I have had to fix broken rune axes about 50 times on 5 bots cuz it doesn't seem to detect the ent right now. and other numerous random events as well are broke.
  12. give it time most scripts are not working properly right now with the last client updates.
  13. not sure if its supposed to do this but can you make it use harpoons out of the bank? I have 10 in bank and it always goes to get one from spawn. it clicks from outside house and just loops doing this till logout.