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  1. fixed as noticed in previous posts on thread
  2. that text in your *about you* is disgustingly painfull to look at let alone read i did not even attempt to read it because of how eye soreing it is
  3. wont even use absorbs says needs to use 3 absorbs to get to 146 and says drinking absorb but it doesent even though inv of absorbs and absorbs are set to right item id
  4. such a disgusting color of text
  5. you wont even get close to .75 per bill goldselling sites sell it for .50
  6. ownu1hit99


    if rs ment that much to you why bot? makes no sense if you are not mentaly stable or ready to lose the acc
  7. what is the direction of this thread it seems like a cluster fuck of info with no direction at all for context/conversation
  8. i agree it also hurts tribot as a whole haveing alot of people seeing so many broken scripts would cause alot of newer users to go elsewhere
  9. Hello i have been playing runescape for along time now have alot of free time currently will be offering some cheap questing for next month or so pm me on forums with requests and skype
  10. hey seems like the ge buying is bugged since lattest update from what i have read in other threads with same problems its a pretty easy fix
  11. from a financial point why should any of us care about him going through a *rough time* is the thing he offers a premium service if cannot uphold that he should bring it off the market untill he is able to uphold that like a responsible businessman instead of milking the cash cow not saying he is but hypotheticly same goes for many many other scripters just sucking at the tit of the cash cow
  12. I am haveing same issue with crude chairs setting a preset have done with multiple other items before unsure if is because of latest update but in paint repeatedly says right click and create item and when i do no change is not creating preset after item is built
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