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  1. ownu1hit99

    |w| Zulrah Slayer - Documentation

    fixed as noticed in previous posts on thread
  2. ownu1hit99

    Loader not downloading?

    i am having the same issue
  3. script currently broken just randomly stand there rotating camera
  4. wont even use absorbs says needs to use 3 absorbs to get to 146 and says drinking absorb but it doesent even though inv of absorbs and absorbs are set to right item id
  5. ownu1hit99

    [P] Scout hopper

    such a disgusting color of text
  6. ownu1hit99

    Broken bots, new category search filter?

    i agree it also hurts tribot as a whole haveing alot of people seeing so many broken scripts would cause alot of newer users to go elsewhere
  7. hey seems like the ge buying is bugged since lattest update from what i have read in other threads with same problems its a pretty easy fix
  8. ownu1hit99

    |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    I am haveing same issue with crude chairs setting a preset have done with multiple other items before unsure if is because of latest update but in paint repeatedly says right click and create item and when i do no change is not creating preset after item is built
  9. ownu1hit99

    Lobster Goldfarmer [Free]

    i agree i like the bot but a buy 50 option would be good for feathers or to buy packs then unpack would speed it up alot
  10. ownu1hit99

    muel banned

    true maybe il just use one of my old abbandoned accs i always muled on level 3s probly stupid on my part been banned on 2
  11. ownu1hit99

    muel banned

    anybody have any idea how to stop mules getting banned? have always used from a proxy but sometimes when multiple bots from farm get banned it gets a ban aswell
  12. ownu1hit99


  13. ownu1hit99

    AlphaCrafter Pro

    have you LIKE re downloaded it LIKE that normally helps me LIKE its super helpful LIKE really
  14. ownu1hit99

    Cant Get Tribot to Open

    rs3 scum
  15. ownu1hit99

    starfox sigma magic

    fuck man times must be hard with no job chaseing $8 from a year ago