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  1. TRiBot Release 9.120_0

    my account management says wrong password, i am sure i typed right, i cant bot till this is fixed
  2. u know how long my ban meter will stay in green zone?
  3. yeah thats right, well i got banned in alkahilrd gaurd killer, i dont know how, but i was the only one there, so no one could have reported me or simliar, i cant suffer to train 99 str by myself.. comon..
  4. Okay, you think pest control bot is safe, since it is much players there? And not likly random events come often there
  5. Oh, thats sad. I went very chocked when i logged in next day and got my account banned, when you think i can start bot again?
  6. Hello, i bought the VIP, used it for 2 hours then got banned, i used to bot A LOT! without getting caught, is it a new macro system or just back luck? And i got banned for 48 hours , not perma, will i get perm banned next time? The ban meter are currently at green zone. So I need backup here guys. help me out