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  1. I don't own the rock crabs script, however, I do know the rockcrabs has a really, really high ban rate. This script is good XP rates for pures and great cash! (50k+ P/H). I have been banned using this script though, which was for 2 days. Keep in mind though, I was pulling 15 hour+ proggies using it so the ban was more than likely my own fault. Just bot responsibly with this and I'd say it's near flawless.
  2. Just copped a 2 day ban using this which sucks. Never the less, script is pretty flawless. Had a 10 hour proggy
  3. Yay, great work!
  4. Great script, was running for 14 hours but then I looked back and I was in the wiards tower, haha. Not sure what the go is there.
  5. Use tri's scripts, they are great and near flawless from my experience.
  6. Oh my days, what a script this is. Thank you so much for putting in the effort for a free script!
  7. Been running for about 10 minutes, script seems to be working fine for me.