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  1. idk man I used USA's agility script like 5 months ago and it worked flawlessly no bans so idk why this ones giving me aids lol.
  2. Log out, than do like a quest or fish manually. I'm just saying even when watching the script the way the mouse moves kinda looks extremely robotic. As well with the mouse camera always staying in one direction.
  3. So I ran two accounts, both hard core iron mans. On different IPS, both banned within 1-2 days botting 4 hours a day max. Script is good yes, but there is for sure no anti ban lol.
  4. Looking for a gold farm mentor that I could learn from and can even invest into. Preferably English speaking lol, PM if you are interested in starting one or taking me under your wing
  5. Only dealing with very trusted people or very trusted sites. Increments obviously, Paypal/BTC accepted! Please PM me for my contact information!
  6. Enzyme


    I'm not but I'm not expecting to pay the ridiculous $1.35/m
  7. Enzyme


    None of those sites you guys mentioned are cheap at all. Infact that is some of the most expensive I have seen..
  8. Enzyme


    Anyone know of a site that sells gold for a relatively cheap price or somebody? I've done a lot of research and a lot of sites are selling for around the same price and I feel like someone out here can sell it for cheaper. I come from the clanning community on osrs where people when they have bulk will sell it for like $1-$1.10/m for quick money. Does anybody like that exist around here haha?
  9. I did read it, and I was using chain questing in which it says to keep the items in the bank for the other quests....However for the first initial quest it had the items in the inventory it needed for that quest. Either way, that doesn't explain how the bot kept getting stuck, not opening doors, chopping the trees without an axe for an hour etc?
  10. So, I'm really unsatisifed with this script. During monks friend it forgot the axe and for an hour it was just clicking a tree non stop and I had to fix it. Similar issues had popped up along the waterfall quest and death plateu and I literally had to babysit it and check in every 10minutes and almost every time it was either stuck, or forgot something. And yes I followed all the set ups, made sure evertyhing was in the bank and was in the right places when I started. If that's ok I just had a bad time with this particular script of yours and would like a refund, I am however looking at some of your other premium scripts and would put the refund towards that (zulrah one). I just feel like at this point I've sorta been basically been doing all these quests myself. No hard feelings man, I'm sure it works for others but I have been having the most difficult time and I know I'm setting it up right.
  11. I'm only getting 35k per hour, using Demon nmz, and I have 70 attack, 71 strenght and with sara sword and f cape and I am using 6 overloads per trip. Why are some getting 50k+? Any tips?
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