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  1. boy9001

    TRiBot Release 9.134_0

    Same here tribot freezes since update, if i start script i cant type to chat in rs or move my guy and within 5 minutes the tribot stops working all together, something with this new update broke tribot.
  2. Hey I have Teamviewer, can show me how to put the correct ID's in the bot for it to start mixing herbs and vials of water, I cant seem to figure it out.
  3. boy9001

    [Combat] Combat AIO Lite by Assume

    There is a huge bug with this script that i would like to report, I was using this on Musa point Dungeon, and i was killing deadly red spiders which is not a problem but good exp, but when a Random comes asking me to talk to it, the bot will run behind wall to escape it and get stuck and wont run back and then continues to log in and out repeatedly!! Is there a way that can be fixed so it can click the hidden wall door and return or not do that.