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  1. How sad.
  2. This is scripting help, not Skid Chiding. This hasn't worked for months. You might have some luck suspending threads though that's where I had the most success when I was working on this problem.
  3. There's another open report about this. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/42529-pin-bot-failure/ So assuming that this is still not fixed it's probably the client.
  4. Can confirm just tried without allah and it worked perfectly.
  5. Go to %temp% and delete your tribot jars then go to %appdata% and delete your tribot folder. Also give your client 512 mbs of RAM and use JRE 1.8. This will fix like 90% of the issues people have with the client.
  6. If you get paid in BTC there is no way to charge back even if you open a dispute with your bank.
  7. return Banking.withdraw(General.random(26, 99), "Pure essence"); I've been doing this for months.
  8. What I was trying to do is blocked by the security manager. This isn't what I was trying to do.
  9. Also setPinBotState(false) doesn't disable the pinbot.
  10. It wasn't working for me yesterday. Also I tried writing my own method for it but even though I disabled the pinbot with setPinBotState(false); it would continue to activate.
  11. What makes it better than say Eclipse or Intellij?
  12. https://tribot.org/repository/ and click purchase.
  13. After you extract it just do java.exe -jar tribot.exe.
  14. I'd rather not.