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  1. How long are you online on weekdays/weekends?: I have alot of time available due to the summer. What is you're Time Zone: UK What kind of things can you do for our services (Questing, Torsos, etc)?: I can do anything, im know to grind hard tasks in fast times Have you added either of my Skype ( live:teamtrustaio ) ? : I have now. Why would you like to work for my services?: Yes, love too. Do you agree to the TOS?: Yes sir
  2. bought 3 bonds great service I'll be back here recommended to anyone.
  3. bought 1 bond very smooth within 5mins delivered.
  4. Bought bond smooth trade received within 5 minutes recommended to anyone. #trusted
  5. Bought two bonds delivered in within 5 minutes legit seller great service thank you. Recommended to anyone I will be back here
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