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    Earned alot cash with staking, and now it's for sale<3

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  1. Nice mate! any updates?
  2. Script has problems with stopping, it won't end so I could enter another script.
  3. I'm just curious, in your version log stands the latest version is Version 4.0 (1/18/2016), but in my bot stays version 3.1? is it because I don't have version 4.0? or is it just a bug? Great script btw mate<3
  4. the script almost direct stops after taking cash and prayer pots, log [01:56:37] Script Started: [bETA] Mute's NMZ. [01:58:02] You're going to need more (s)[01:58:06] Script Ended: [bETA] Mute's NMZ. what do I have to do? also I can't reach the prayer thingy.. here is a pic
  5. Deleted
  6. Location: Feldip Hills Red Chins What did you bot: Hunter What script: Hunter [Premium(250k)]qqqChins Manual/Auto ban: Time if possible: 20 days
  7. i have the same problem, is there a solution?!
  8. Did I you little fuck? http://imgur.com/ZhFbMUe I have your I.P. faggot enjoy the random attacks Sorry, for the post someone else scammed me for 310k his rsn: chingroman But oke send me that random attacks lol:)
  9. I want!
  10. If you wan to sell me VIP PM me or add me on skype: urbenxx
  11. I want I want add me on skype; urbenxx