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  1. Script has problems with stopping, it won't end so I could enter another script.
  2. I'm just curious, in your version log stands the latest version is Version 4.0 (1/18/2016), but in my bot stays version 3.1? is it because I don't have version 4.0? or is it just a bug? Great script btw mate<3
  3. bought again from him, great seller, went really smooth! and 100% trusted!
  4. Oke I looking forward to your pm, also the script saving/loading doesn't work flawless, if you save it and load it, it wouldn't save your food you choose..
  5. Banking isn't flawless, many times he is getting runes for like 5mins he takes the mind rune but doesn't take air runes, have to do this manually. Low levels die alot, I have made alot of low levels, they all die the first time like you said in a private message, now I have low level around 30 hp and still dies when he is on his way to the dragons..
  6. I have bought the Goldfarm Version, I am really disapointed; paid 40$ for a script that; -isn't flawless, -doesn't have working death walk -doesn't support low levels -need babysit all the tme I really hope you will fix this!