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  1. week 2 short update:
  2. Thats nice, I have plans on creating a fresh lvl 3 and try to bot 2k total on it. Because the account in video is only around 50 perrcent botted
  3. thats nice man, fully botted?
  4. Hi, planning to do a series on my goal to 2000 total. Week 1: 99 Fletching achieved Week 2: Will update this every weekend.
  5. Took me around 3 weeks. A lot of people were asking about my breaking set up, so I'll upload another video today explaining my whole set up
  6. Hi, everyone. Recently I've finished killing 15k abbyssal demons with OPTIMUS IAO combat. Here's short video montage: Planned to do a commentary video, but changed my pc and lost half of the clips. Total was around 70m.
  7. but that only works if you want to launch a normal client.Maybe you have any ideas how to launch looking glass client?
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